Chapter 1717 - First Step At Payback

Chapter 1717: First Step At Payback

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The sound of the enter key could be heard. Qin Mo entered the game. He entered the arena according to the area announced on the live stream.

5V5 match.

Originally, when he entered, he was on the same team as Flawless Luoluo and Spade T, but the next second, he pressed the mouse button and went to the opponent’s position.

“My secondary account doesn’t have a high level, will it be suitable?”

Rao Rong didn’t ask this without reason.

In Hero, only characters with the same level could engage in such specific competitive games. Unless it was a single player PK.

Once it was related to leveling, stability and skills mattered since newcomers couldn’t face off against experienced players from the start, there wouldn’t be any game experience.

Since they were said to be so amazing, they should be of a certain level. How can they be suitable with the lower levels? Unless they were about the same level.

As expected, Rao Rong took a closer look at their levels and wanted to burst out laughing. “That explains their high winning streak. With this rank, if Little Spade came, she would have easily taken five kills.”

“That’s not necessary.” Qin Mo replied faintly.

Rao Rong arched his brow. “Not necessary?”

“If the teammates are actors, it would necessarily be five kills.” Qin Mo didn’t even bother about the teammate that kept asking him to change his hero, claiming that it was the hero only Spade T could use. He confirmed the role directly.

Rao Rong remained silent, glancing up at the ceiling. “Turns out even the performance statistics is a performance. But for this rank, you don’t need to perform.”

“It can only be explained from the side.” Qin Mo paused when he said that.

“Mmh?” Rao Rong asked.

“Amateur.” He replied casually.

Rao Rong: “….”

“Alright, but why haven’t anyone seen through the performance.”

Qin Mo thought for a moment, waiting to enter the game, there didn’t seem to be anything to do. “They’re probably like you and hadn’t expected them to require actors at this rank. Moreover, it’s hard to tell since it’s my Jiu’s fans, how would they know such basic skills?”

Rao Rong coughed, he really choked. “Are you being honest?”

“Of course not.” Qin Mo screwed the mineral water bottle cap. “If they really are her fans, they would know about the techniques.”

Rao Rong thought about it silently – people with a wife can be frightening. Especially someone like Qin Mo, he was even scarier after getting a wife.

The live stream didn’t expect what was about to happen.

Just like before, the moment the game started, Spade T went straight to the jungles. She brought Flawless Luoluo along, looking fierce.

Comments kept appearing on the screen, “Handsome, handsome, my Spade T is so handsome!”

Qin Mo turned off the live stream before entering the match.

Rao Rong found it interesting, he reached for his phone, searched for it and entered the live stream, catching sight of this scene.

Was she really not imitating Little Spade?

She was countering wilderness from the start just like Little Spade. However, this was understandable, carnivorous junglers all like to take the initiative. Many players had this characteristic. It was normal to counter blue at the start.

Spade T was probably still performing, she commented as she fought, “Your jungles, my home.”

This… I’m sorry, Rao Rong wanted to laugh. Which assassin would expose their plans in such a manner?

Right, other than Little Spade, she would definitely do that. It’s because of her nature, it was thoroughly dark, unrestrained and flamboyantly hateful.

This person in front… she didn’t just bring a sorcerer along to counter blue, she had started to talk before anything had happened.