Chapter 1718 - Almighty Qin Took Action

Chapter 1718: Almighty Qin Took Action

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The live stream flooded with comments. “Handsome!”

Rao Rong went blank momentarily, talking big was considered handsome? In that case, Zhao Sanpang was definitely the most handsome player, because he often talked big.

“Is Little Spade narcissistic?” Rao Rong asked Qin Mo.

Qin Mo replied to him while moving his mouse. “Her? She often compliments herself without batting an eyelid.”

“That explains it.” Rao Rong caressed his chin. “That’s easy to learn.”

Qin Mo chuckled, not knowing what he had thought of, but his expression seemed to have changed.

Rao Rong silently accepted the dog food.

Besides him, Qin Mo had already hidden in the jungles.

Rao Rong wanted to say it was scheming. That explained why Zhao Sanpang called him Scheming Qin.

He already knew what routine the other party would play before hiding in the grass.

The actors clearly weren’t professionals, and were focused on killing themselves. They didn’t even understand their assassin.

Spade T and Flawless Luoluo had used such a method to score a lot of points. They are professional players after all. So it shouldn’t be much to play such low level games.

The reason for arranging actors was for their play to look more impressive. Their fans liked them for their handsomeness, so they couldn’t lose it.

“Now, let’s take one of their blue beasts first.” Spade T said while striking.

Flawless Luoluo was laughing too, seemingly implying that this match was too easy for them. But they never expected it. Someone suddenly appeared from the bushes, robbing them directly.

The blue beasts they had spent so much time fighting were in vain.

Spade T exploded. “F*ck! That’s damn scheming!”

“Yes, that’s too scheming!” A bunch of comments appeared on the screen. But there were some players who found it more than ordinary.

Isn’t it normal for stealing to fail? Why would she be so upset? To the extent of spurting vulgarities?

It felt like…

They hadn’t understood it entirely yet.

The people watching the live stream stilled, because the figure that appeared from the bushes didn’t leave after taking back the blue beasts.

With a backhand, he actually struck Spade T.

Spade T seemed irritated, bringing along the sorcerer for a counter attack. However, strangely, the moment she struck, it was empty!

And where is he? Where did he go?

Spade T didn’t have a full view of the match like the audience. Hence, it was impossible for her to have seen the kind of routine that person used to avoid their two strikes.

His long rifle lifted and leapt onto a favourable position.

Spade T was still asking, “Where is he?” when the silver white rifle struck her into midair.

Spade T was dumbfounded as the silver sparks fell, Most importantly, when Flawless Luoluo made her attack, it didn’t freeze the figure at all.

That person seemed to know how she was going to attack. He was always avoiding her attacks one step ahead!

On the screen, the figure moved back and forth extremely quickly, it was so confusing Spade T didn’t have the chance to react.

Even the people watching the live stream were stunned by the hand speed and maneuvering, unable to comment.

It was just three to five seconds. The familiar music started to play, but it wasn’t supposed to sound at this moment!