Chapter 1719 - Untitled

Chapter 1719: Untitled

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First blood! First Clear!

The first drop of blood!

Silver sparks fell. The shadow of the rifle was imprinted on the ground!

The entire live stream fell silent.

T died just like that? She died less than two minutes into the game?

Spade T froze as well, and the next second, she spoke. “Luoluo, what’s the matter with you? Shouldn’t you have frozen him just now?”

That person would usually address Flawless Luoluo as Luoluo.

Flawless Luoluo was also in a daze, she hadn’t expected T to die. When she finally regained her senses, she stuck out her tongue and said. “I’m sorry, I sent out the wrong skill just now, it was just a moment of mischief.”

It was a reasonable excuse.

The comments kept saying that she shouldn’t be mischievous next time, Almighty T died because of it, etc. But after a few such comments came up, the familiar sound started to play again!

Double kill!

Double-kill?! They must have heard it wrongly!

Double? It’s actually a double-kill?!

The people’s eyes started to shake. But the figure on the screen seemed to have passed the grass on one side naturally, and when he passed over the wall, he knocked down a wild monster in the river.

A moment ago, his blood level was almost gone, but now, it had grown back.

The viewers were originally here to watch Spade T, but after seeing this scene, they couldn’t help focusing on him instead.

Which meant that they were looking wherever he went.

Spade T and Flawless Luoluo were on the verge of a breakdown.

Flawless Luoluo never expected to die.

Spade T immediately said. “Luoluo, are you lagging?”

“Mmh, mmh, I’m lagging again.” Flawless Luoluo replied.

“I thought so.” Spade T said.

Lag could be an excuse if they were killed once, but the second time.

The viewers were watching from the other party’s angle.

Spade T and Flawless Luoluo were once again double-killed by that silver figure.

The live stream fell into silence.

“What’s the situation?”

“Why is T dead again?”

“Doesn’t seem like a lag.”

“I don’t think it’s a lag.”

“The other party is too fast, did anyone see how he appeared? I have been watching for a while but I still have no idea how he appeared?”

“Look at the assassin he is playing, there are three stages of displacement, he can penetrate walls and appear suddenly, it’s all normal.”

At this moment, Spade T’s face has changed. She was frustrated, it wasn’t possible to engage in team coordination right now. After all, it is a low level game. Without the ability to take on four players, she would have to think of another method in the face of such an opponent.

“He must be using a secondary account!”

“But even if it is a secondary account, T shouldn’t be this bad.”

“Secondary account? Those that are here to watch gaming skills, please explain, why would there be a secondary account? Isn’t this a high level game?”

“T doesn’t like high level games, her training is tough enough so now, she is playing low level games for fun.”

As soon as this was out the music sounded once more.

Three times. It was the third double-kill!

How could Spade T bear it? She immediately sent out a signal to gather. Abdonding the towers, she brought the four players behind her directly to the figure in the jungles!

This time, he was dead! That was everyone’s thoughts!

1V5, and his teammates have no intention of supporting him.

Especially the top lane, it was nearby and yet, there wasn’t the slightest hint of movement.