Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Did You Forget About the Bedtime Stories?

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“Sleep?” The man looked at her and raised his eyebrows. He pulled those books out from the bookshelf with his long fingers and lifted them up slightly. “Did you forget about these bedtime stories already?”

Fu Jiu paused and froze in place. For real ?

“Brother Mo, these novels aren’t really good bedtime stories.”

“Whether they are good or not is not for you to decide.” Qin Mo sounded indifferent. He took out a box of cigarettes out from his suit and pulled a stick out. Holding it between his lips, he tilted his head and lit it as he said, “I’d like to have them as bedtime stories before sleeping today.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Almighty, you won’t have friends if you keep acting so willful like this!

“You don’t want to?” Qin Mo said in a low voice, “Or do you want to run ten laps outside and breathe in Jiang City’s smog?”

Fu Jiu took the books from the man’s hands and said with a smile, “Since I’m such an educated person, books would suit me more!”

“Educated people read such books?” Qin Mo flicked the young man’s forehead with his finger.

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes. “Brother Mo, don’t look down upon my romance fiction novels. Do you know how many girls learn how to be in a relationship and how to chase after boys from these books?”

Fu Jiu reached her hand out and put it on the man’s shoulder. “Actually, Brother Mo should read more of these novels. They will be beneficial to you by teaching you how to get along with girls better.”

“Girls?” Qin Mo sounded neither cold or warm. Like a forensic doctor giving professional identifications, the profile of his face was still beautiful, calm, and peaceful. He unknotted his tie with his hand, and with a body full of self-restraint, he said, “I don’t have time for such fussy creatures. Maybe some of them are good, but the majority of them will do anything to get close to the rich. I think you know this better than I do.”

Fu Jiu knew he was referring to that Three. However… “In my opinion, in affairs, those men who can’t stand seduction and abandon their wives and kids are just as unforgivable as those women who break people’s families.”

Surprisingly, this god didn’t say anything to refute her. Instead, he just said one sentence plainly: “Those people are not worthy of being called men.”

For the first time, Fu Jiu thought that Qin Mo was a decent person to be friends with. Even though he was so black-bellied, he never played dirty tricks behind people’s backs in business, just like the way in which he handled her. He had been tolerant; with the power of the Qin family, he could easily have ended her career and life when he first met her, making it impossible for her to move a single step in Jiang City, but he didn’t do that.

No, this man didn’t do that.

And now, a lot of powerful men accuse women of having extramarital affairs, but they didn’t know the truth behind it; it was them, the men, who were at fault!

However, this god was different. In his eyes, a person should have a man’s shoulders in order to be called a man. Such unquestionable values, together with his perfect face, made him flawless.

The Almighty was no enemy but a reliable friend.

Fu Jiu regretted that she had exposed her Spade Z identity too early and didn’t manage to play a few more rounds with this man.

Now, she thought that being able to fight with this god was the best thing.

More importantly, this god was freaking rich!

But… after all these inner thoughts, she was more convinced of one thing—she couldn’t let this god know her true gender.

Just from hearing this god’s simple, one-sentence comment, she could tell that he didn’t like to be approached by girls. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used the word “fussy”…