Chapter 1720 - Untitled

Chapter 1720: Untitled

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Seeing this, someone in the live stream said, “What’s the matter with the top lane over there? Aren’t they going to help in such a moment?”

“Am I thinking too much? They feel like actors.”

“Didn’t someone say that this is a low level game? There are actors in a low level game?”

The questions started to increase.

In the game, there had been a period of encirclement and suppression. They thought that the figure would definitely die, but he seemed to have predicted the opponent’s position. With his rifle lifted, he didn’t escape. Instead, he held the rifle and jumped directly behind those people.

The silver rifle fell to the ground, his long sleeves fluttered and the dragon blade lifted the two people behind!

The adc and aid could barely react. And Spade T who had dashed to the front hadn’t expected him to fight in this manner!

The next time she turned the adc was killed by that figure.

Everyone could see the figure moving fluidly, the impact happening in just seconds.

One dead from the group of five.

After killing that person, he quickly gilded, and returned with a counter attack!

The sharp rifle was caught off guard. Even those that weren’t in the arena, the viewers watching the live stream could experience that feeling.

Once he was in the scene a life would be taken. Moreover, they started with five. Five of them hadn’t been able to stop him!

However, the viewers could clearly see.

One kill.



It happened in an unpredictable situation.

That figure seemed like an unstoppable gush of wind. Prediction, maneuvering and a champion’s sense.

He had been hit, but everytime he was struck, he could take a life.

Flawless Luoluo was one of them.

He was too fast. When Spade T saw that the figure only had less than one-third of his blood left, she thought that the chance had come!

First, she instructed the tank to strike him! She lifted her rifle to kill him once and teach him a lesson!

This wasn’t logical. They used the same hero, yet he was much stronger than her.

Even if his skills are good, he was about to be severely injured. If she managed to chase up to him, she could take his head.

Spade T was filled with the desire to kill. She didn’t even care that all the defence towers from her side were about to be pushed. Especially the one on the bottom lane which was already pushed to the highlands. She was blinded with the need to kill!

The viewers understood her intentions. But unknowingly, right now, while they watched the match, they were actually hoping the silver figure wouldn’t be caught.

Unexpectedly, even though he knew that the enemy was chasing, that figure still lifted his rifle to strike a red beast.

“Hurry and leave.”

“Killing three is enough.”

“Under those circumstances, a 1V5, and he managed to kill three of their men, that was impressive!”

The next second the viewers understood why he wanted to kill the red beasts.

It wasn’t because of the beast. It was to take in the blood!

Right at this moment, Spade T leapt. She entered the red beasts area. Originally, she had wanted to strike that person, but that figure turned sideways, and with his exquisite maneuvering, Spade T’s big move missed, striking a red beast.

That wasn’t the end. She originally assumed he would leave. However, in this moment, he used a jungling skill and took the red beast!

T’s face immediately froze!