Chapter 1721 - Spade Z Returns

Chapter 1721: Spade Z Returns

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“F*ck! Is he making Spade T clear red for him?”

“He made the enemy fight red beasts for him, that’s such a flashy routine!”

“Have you seen that person’s records? He hasn’t played many games.”

“I saw it, I saw it. He hasn’t played many games but is the MVP for every game with zero deaths. It’s so enviable!”

“But that person has always been the team control, why is he the assassin this time?”

“As a team control, this makes me feel as though I’ve been playing in vain!”

“Stop talking, hurry and look!”


The viewer’s questions were just temporary.

On the screen, silver sparks fell. After the figure took the red beasts, the rifle drew close and lifted the person midair. It looked like a long silver dragon, turning to strike.

It was obvious that Spade T was dumbfounded, even though her expression was blank. She never expected to be counter killed.

She couldn’t accept it, and Spade T threatened. “You bast*rd, I’m going to lodge a complaint! How is it possible? You’re left with so little blood, and I have been striking for such a long time, how is it possible?”

Just as Spade T was yelling, she heard the sound again.

Penta kill!

Five kills?! He actually took down five kills! Even the tank was killed by him?

Spade T’s fury seemed to freeze.

The bottom lane had already attacked into the city centre.

The silver figure wielding the rifle didn’t move at this moment, he just stood there with his willowy jade like body, and wide sleeves floating.

A row of words appeared on the screen. “How did you guys become professional players?”

This question was much more impactful than having similar names.

Some of the viewers were enlightened. Previously, they didn’t think much of it, but this time Spade T was thoroughly trashed.

They liked her because she seemed very cool, but now, that light seemed to have faded.

Some people thought that she looked like Z and now that Z was no longer around, a new one appeared. It came just in time for them to continue the chase.

Now strangely, they didn’t like her that much anymore.

That wasn’t all. If they thought about it. Back then when Spade Z played, she would always enter the jungles by herself and would have cleared the red and blue beasts when she returned. Regardless of when it was, she could always go against the wind.

There were times of fatigue, times where they were stunned, when they said ruthless things with ambitions in their eyes, but she never said vulgarities.

But this T. When they saw T, she had all the vices. And a portion came because of her appearance. But they admired her personality, saying, “What right do you have to question our Almighty T’s ability as a professional player.”

But that wasn’t important. The important thing was that people who really play games and watch games know that amateurs are amateurs. Do they want such an amateur here to feed the pigs?

After ending one match, Qin Mo removed the headphone on his head.

And Spade T wanted to push the blame on Spade Z’s fans.

At this moment Sister Turtle appeared.

She only had one thing to say. “You have left for three months and in these three months, some claimed that we are unstable. Our instability, love, passion, hard work and desire to follow, would only cause the real person that made our blood pump stay silent for such a long time. Now, the world competition has started. Spade fans that have been waiting for Almighty Z to return, where are you?”