Chapter 1722

Chapter 1722: Untitled

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All of a sudden, the originally abandoned IDs, gradually filled up the screen.

“I am in Jiang City, waiting for you to come back.”

“I am in An City, waiting for you to come back.”

“I am in the border City, waiting for you to come back.”

“I am….”

It was just a short one minute, but there were a countless number of replies, increasing at a visibly alarming rate.

Some said that this is the power of Spade fans.

Those that actively sought after a familiar shadow, only fell for Z’s exterior and handsomeness. Hence, with just the slightest similarity, they would think the other party was the person of their hearts.

This is understandable since making themselves happy is the most important thing, regardless of the person they were a fan of.

Real Spade fans would only appear in a moment like this. There were students, working adults and some that had just entered society.

They suddenly stopped. The emotions that had never been erased came pouring out from their eyes.

That group once used many competitions to tell the world. What surviving in adversity is, what it means to grow stronger with a strong competitor.

When you grow up, you would understand that nothing in this world is easy. But you have to believe that we humans have always been fireflies on the ground; if we haven’t burnt till the end, we can make a comeback and pick up all the stars.

If you are really tired ask yourself. Can the dream in your heart be awakened along with this group.

When the news came out, Spade T who had just been trashed didn’t believe it at all. But that didn’t affect the linked popularity.

Spade T’s plan was to continue sticking onto her, but not everyone was like those people who only cared about one’s exterior.

Spade T didn’t understand. A real Spade fan wouldn’t bother about her at all. Hence, none of these would come to fruition. These people were just waiting for one thing.

Is it real? That that group is coming back. Is that for real?

Right at this moment, in the heart of Jiang City, in a towering building.

Figure after figure entered. With a sharp swoosh the big doors to the headquarters opened!

Light splashed in.

Rao Rong was still sitting in front of the computer, wearing headphones on his black hair, with a hand by his side.

Wearing a black and red uniform, Qin Mo stood with his back in the middle. Behind him, the word China, carrying a flame, was flying, as if it could hear the pumping hearts.

When he heard the door open he turned, his gaze zeroing in.

Bo Jiu, Xiao Jing, Lin Feng, Yun Hu, Luoluo, Feng Shang, Coco, Lin Chentao, Yin Wuyao and Zhao Sanpang.

These people still looked the same as before, during their flourishing youth. They were wearing the same uniform, the cuffs carrying an emblem that represented the country.

They stood in front of the doorway in one line, their sleeves flying, an enigmatic smile on their faces.

“You’re all here.” Qin Mo said, his voice calm as though it was a greeting between old friends. “Let’s start.”

It was just a short sentence but it seemed to have shocked something. The aura that was brought out stunned the assistants who followed behind him. But it wasn’t reactionless, after all the higher ups wanted them to take care of the player’s daily life, but that scene was too handsome.

It was so handsome that the assistant couldn’t help raising his hands. With a snap, the photo formed.

Qin Mo standing at the front, with everyone else behind him, with flames in their eyes.

This photo was posted onto the official account, with an accompanying caption.

Team China officially formed!