Chapter 1724 - Untitled

Chapter 1724: Untitled

Qin Mo sat there calmly, his noble temperament did not fade the slightest, as if he saw through them. He said lightly. “I submitted your details to the committee. If you choose to quit now, it will be considered abandoning your motherland.”

“Abandoning the motherland!” Zhao Sanpang glared at him. “Scheming Qin, in the past, I never knew you would use morals to oppress someone!”

Qin Mo remained unwavering. “Do you know now?”

Zhao Sanpang shook his head. “Despicable, too despicable.”

Qin Mo glanced at him and broke into a sudden smile, his warmth dampening. “Seems like Almighty Fatty can’t wait to try the bitter gourd juice.”

With that, Zhao Sanpang felt a chill run down his back. He wasn’t going to speak again!

After a very long time, one of the higher ups came to visit the China team. He asked, since all of them were the tops in their previous teams, how did Qin Mo manage to let them coexist harmoniously.

Zhao Sanpang spat out. “Despicable.” He had even eliminated the chance of leaving the team. Devil’s den, the biggest devil’s den!

Waking up early was really a practice the Esports players weren’t used to.

Zhao Sanpang mustered up all his strength to wake up. The Hacker lord, Bo Jiu was much smarter. After all, she could replenish her sleep debt in front of the computer.

She wore her black earphones while sitting there, her team uniform pulled all the way to the top, covering her entire face, leaving only her starry eyes exposed behind her silver hair. From afar, she was still very handsome, but on closer look, more of her face could be seen.

Her side profile was porcelain white, looking both cool and like a cat as she gently dozed off.

Qin Mo walked over, emptied a hand and tapped her forehead.

Bo Jiu paused, and opened her eyes. The hint of sleep was still visible in her eyes, it was obvious that she wasn’t fully awake yet. Subconsciously, she thought that they were still in the castle overseas and naturally reached her hands out, wanting to hug his waist and engage in the daily morning tease.

Qin Mo sensed her intentions, a hint of smile appearing at the corners of his lips. In order to prevent a certain someone from acting like a ruffian, forgetting where they were, he reached out a hand and placed it at the side of her face. He lowered himself and said. “Mrs Qin, wake up and take a look where you are, do you want to do frog jumps outside with Almighty Fatty or would you rather have a cup of bitter gourd juice?”

Frog jumps, bitter gourd juice. These five words seemed to have demonic power. Bo Jiu originally thought that she, a person who was about to graduate from high school, was never getting into contact with Frog jumps again.

If she really had to turn her hands, squat down and jump about like a frog, that would be humiliating.

She never thought a married person like her would have to experience such a lifestyle again. More importantly…

The frog jumps weren’t done indoors. Instead, it was outside the plaza.

It was a business district. So a line of people wearing uniforms doing frog jumps was definitely striking.

At the start, even if it was embarrassing, it was only to the passersby. However, later, there were fans that specifically came to catch them. They were always betting on who would wake up late and be punished to do frog jumps.

Even shameless people like Zhao Sanpang and Bo Jiu wanted some face.

A photo of Bo Jiu eating lollipop, with messy hair doing frog jumps was still circulating on the internet. Such an embarrassing incident wasn’t going to happen again!