Chapter 1725 - For Jump, Flaunting Love

Chapter 1725: For Jump, Flaunting Love

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However, it was difficult to fight off the drowsiness.

The next day Bo Jiu was still in the punishment group.

Other than her, there was Lin Feng and Zhao Sanpang.

Everyone was wondering how Zhao Sanpang looked doing frog jumps.

Besides, Despicable Qin didn’t even allow them to wear face masks!

Zhao Sanpang couldn’t catch his breath anymore, and said to Bo Jiu. “Little Spade, I’m not trying to cause trouble but you are Scheming Qin’s wife, and yet, he still punishes you like that. If I were you, I would just divorce him!”

Bo Jiu bit down on her lollipop, her breath lowered, and both hands behind her back. She jumped once, and again, the silver hair moving with her movements.

She was so handsome the girls at the side couldn’t help raising their phones, their faces flushed, their hearts pumping rapidly. Their Big Spade is so handsome, they wanted to bring her home! However, Almighty Qin was the person supervising their punishment.

There was a cup of greenish liquid in his hand, and according to sources, it was bitter gourd juice, a word that would make all the members obey.

It would be too difficult to snatch someone from the demon like Almighty Qin.

Bo Jiu finished the frog jumps first. Zhao Sanpang watched from behind, howling. “Little Spade, why are you so fast?”

“I’m experienced.” Bo Jiu reached out her hand, an impish smile on her face. “I was often punished when I was in high school so twenty frog jumps isn’t anything. I can jump around the entire field.”

Zhao Sanpang laughed twice. “Is that something to be proud of?”

“Almighty Fatty.” After Bo Jiu was done with his punishment, she found a wooden pole somewhere. “I don’t like it when someone tries to cause a rift between me and Brother Mo.”

Zhao Sanpang cursed. “Take your wooden pole away, how am I supposed to jump?”

“We had a military wedding, if you try to break up a military wedding, I’ll get someone to lock you up.” Bo Jiu said nonchalantly, but the wooden pole in front of him didn’t move an inch. “Almighty Fatty, with your suaveness, it wouldn’t be hard to jump over a wooden pole.”

Zhao Sanpang couldn’t jump over it, he couldn’t help turning his head to shout. “Scheming Qin, come over and control your family!”

With that, Qin Mo walked over and looked at Bo Jiu.

Bo Jiu said. “He wanted us to divorce.”

Qin Mo retracted his gaze and spoke faintly. “Then carry on.”

Zhao Sanpang: …Forget about the frog jumps, how was he supposed to jump!

Bo Jiu had a bad habit since the past, she liked to flaunt her love.

Otherwise, an intelligent car like Little Blackie would be able to tolerate her.

Zhao Sanpang didn’t understand Bo Jiu enough in this area.

The crowd watched the handsome youngster, a black cap covering her silver hair, beads of glistering sweat covering her fair forehead, as she used a wooden pole to block Almighty Fatty.

She didn’t forget to add. “Everytime after he punishes me, he would give me a reward, such as a candy or a kiss. I don’t think frog jumps are all that bad, but the bitter gourd juice is too nasty. But Almighty Fatty, if you can’t finish jumping, I can help to prepare a few cups for you.”

Zhao Sanpang: ….

Even though he has never been in a relationship, he has seen couples before. Who would deliberately commit an error for their boyfriend’s kiss! He shouldn’t have spoken.

In front of Qin Mo, Little Spade seemed very obedient, but in reality she was completely dark inside!

Once she was done, she didn’t care what he thought and tossed the wooden pole, heading to her man for a reward. She wasn’t sure how he would compliment her today.