Chapter 1726 - Star Letter

Chapter 1726: Star Letter

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Qin Mo glanced at the smiley Bo Jiu.

After entering the headquarters, he found a spot and pushed her against a wall for kisses.

Amidst the unstable breathing, Bo Jiu’s hand circled around his waist. The taste of his tongue was sweet. Very strange. This wasn’t the first time they kissed, but that tingling sensation had never diminished.

Bo Jiu curled her lips, she liked to see when his breathing is unstable, and when the emotions seeped out from the corners of his eyes. It was only to her.

It’s a pity that the medicine she got from the Black Buddies wasn’t effective on him, otherwise she would be able to admire more of his beauty.

Bo Jiu wanted to go close.

It was this behavior that made Qin Mo kiss deeper, as if it could take away all his thoughts, rendering his brain blank.

Only when she lost all energy and could only lean on him did he release her. He leaned against her, speaking softly in the corner. Once he was done arranging her uniform, he tossed her a sentence. “I admire Mrs Qin’s protective attitude towards our marriage, keep it up.”

Bo Jiu’s lips were still numb, and she didn’t pay much attention to what Qin Mo had said. This was the painful part of kissing for long durations, just a touch would tingle.

The two of them wouldn’t be intimate publicly, but there would be the occasional kiss.

This didn’t affect their performance, instead, everyone in the team was using the limited time to improve themselves rapidly.

Their physical condition, ability to face pressure, analytical ability and hand speed.

As the center control sorcerer, Luoluo once again used her abilities to prove she hadn’t slowed down.

Everyone had a problem they had to conquer.

Uncle Yin was also thinking about how to break through his current ability.

There were times they met with bottlenecks.

Qin Mo brought out the previous information and tactical analysis of various teams in the world. At that time, they truly entered the state of preparation.

They realised it very clearly, they were about to bring Esports overseas. Every country would send out their strongest team. What they could do is to train well and prepare better. As for other things, they were always a team that grew with adversities.

When they entered the battlefield, they would not just be at their current level.

Other than China, some members of the Japs team would also compete on behalf of their country.

Amongst them would be You Sixin and Hoshino. However, in this period, although no one knew the reason, there seemed to be a barrier between the Captain and the Vice Captain.

The Captain rarely spoke. Except when he played, he would barely say a word. The Vice Captain was the same as before, and was asleep more than he was awake. But there seemed to be something odd with Captain’s condition.

Even though Captain has a very beautiful face, the sharpness from within him made it hard for many to persuade him.

Moreover, from the start, the Japs didn’t want Captain to lead the team. If the Vice Captain didn’t defeat them single-handedly, they wouldn’t have accepted it.

However, even then, Captain seemed calmer than ever. It seemed as though he had been in this state ever since he attended Spade Z’s wedding.


Shouldn’t the Captain be happy about Spade Z’s marriage? No one else would rob him of Vice Captain. Why did Captain seem even more distant? It seemed as though he was completely rejected by someone.