Chapter 1727 - Hoshino and You Sixin

Chapter 1727: Hoshino and You Sixin

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In Japan, mafias were allowed.

You Sixin is the Head of the 19th generation. Aside from Esports, he also enjoys speeding and drinking.

Moreover, everyone knew that You Sixin wasn’t someone they could trifle with. He was a snake-like person and could be venomous.

Don’t be misled by his pretty face, assuming that he is a pretty boy. Because of this, many people were finished.

No, there were always some ignorant people who wanted to take him away from the nightclub.

Today, You Sixin drank more than usual. He wore a local shirt and with his long hair, it was difficult to differentiate his gender. However, after catching sight of his eyes, it was obvious that there isn’t a hint of femininity in him, but even so, his beauty was mesmerising.

“Do you want to come with uncle? Uncle has a lot of alcohol.” The person who said this wanted to take advantage of a drunk beauty. Unexpectedly, before his hands could reach that person’s shoulders, a crack was heard.

The man’s arm was broken. When the pain entered his senses he shrieked.

You Sixin laughed coldly and pushed the man aside, looking down at him as he spat out a word from his thin lips. “Scram.”

That man was pale with fear.

You Sixin reached out to push his black hair towards the back of his head, his eyes glancing to the side.

The bartender immediately brought a new bottle of wine over. He was afraid of what would happen to this Head in his area.

Why weren’t the others here yet? They must have received orders and were standing in the crowd. Where is Young Master Hoshino? Why isn’t he here?

Only when Young Master Hoshino arrives will there really be peace. Otherwise, he wasn’t sure how many others would have their arms broken.

“Say, aren’t I good enough?”

You Sixin suddenly spoke, he wasn’t like some who could barely speak after they were drunk. There wasn’t any haziness to his face, it was still beautiful and sharp.

However, for an underling to say something bad about his boss? It was a loaded question.

“Not answering?” You Sixin scoffed. After standing, he glanced towards a pretty lady who was in the midst of a sexy dance, lifting his wine glass.

What location is this? An entertainment location. The pretty lady took a glance and walked over.

You Sixin lifted her chin and seemed to smile, he could charm both genders.

“What do you think is bad about me?”

Too handsome. So handsome it was suffocating. How could there be such a person, with hair obviously longer than her own, but just like a demon that confuses sentient beings.

The pretty lady leaned in, wanting to kiss his lips, but You Sixin pushed her aside. Next, he waved his fingers, “That’s not allowed.”

Why? The pretty lady didn’t think he would like guys.

The uncle that leaned towards him was definitely blind. Just a look at his wolf-like eyes, and you’d know that he wouldn’t bend. He had a fatal attraction towards girls.

Especially right now, when he reached out to tuck his collar.

“Hot? I can help to cool you down. After so much alcohol, you must feel irritated, my car is just outside.”

You Sixin listened to her words and suddenly smiled. Before he could say a word, someone walked over.

His temperament was at odds with this location, but yet, he was often patronising such places.