Chapter 1729 - Ambiguous

Chapter 1729: Ambiguous

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“I’ve never thought about breaking the promise.” Hoshino’s mood remained unchanged, and even his voice was flat. “Since you’ve finished the wine, go to sleep.”

You Sixin smiled lazily, fatally handsome. “How can I sleep when you have seduced away my bed partner? Don’t you know? I’d feel cold if no one sleeps with me.”

“I’ll accompany you.” Hoshino bent down, hugged the cat on the ground, and put it back in his arms again, his eyes like splashing ink.

You Sixin obviously paused, he turned his head, as if smiling. “That’s fine too.”

Even though he knew that it was purely companionship, You Sixin didn’t want to miss the interaction.

It had been a long time since they spent the night together in one room. It didn’t count in the headquarters since there were so many people.

When they were young, the two of them often slept in one bed. Thereafter, he grew distant. You Sixin’s eyes were calm, trying to keep himself from thinking about it.

The room was in the deepest part of the bar. High-end large scale bars like these had VIP rooms used for sleepovers, but there were only four to five of such rooms.

Usually it is reserved for the most distinguished guests and gang members.

The boss and Young Master Hoshino were both here, so originally two rooms were prepared. However, after the bartender heard their conversation, he decisively switched it to one room.

When You Sixin is drunk, the lethal feeling from him was much more prominent, but he really drank a little too much. After opening the door, he paced into the bathroom.

After a while, there was a vomiting noise from inside. The drunk was obviously feeling uncomfortable.

What was it this time? Relatives vying for power again? Seems like it was time to do a sweep on the people.

Hoshino stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and pressed the intercom. “Get someone to boil and bring up hangover soup and porridge.”

“Yes, Young Master Hoshino.”

Today was one of the most peaceful days.

Everytime it reached this time, there would always be someone trying to spend the night by the boss’s side. There were many that left with pale faces. They could barely keep count. Fortunately, they had Young Master Hoshino today.

“Boss, seems to listen to Young Master Hoshino’s words. They both have such a powerful presence.”

“Of course, you’d have to see who it is. Boss listens to Young Master Hoshino because they have known each other since young.”

“They have known each other since young?”

“Mmh, I heard it from people at the house. When they were younger, Boss and Young Master Hoshino were indistinguishable from each other. They were different from other children and would always lie together under the tree to read. They would even fence and do archery together.”

“Back then, were they like how they are now?”

“Boss never changed but due to something that happened at home, Young Master Hoshino disappeared for a while and the next time he returned, he was no longer as close to the Boss as he had been. Others also said they grew up, which is also true…”

Hoshino wouldn’t have heard the discussion, he was listening to the prolonged silence from the toilet. He lowered his eyes and swept a gaze over the hangover soup and porridge.

After waiting for another three minutes, there was still no noise so he walked into the toilet.

After opening the door, the room was filled with steam from the hot water. He opened the wooden curtain of the bathroom and saw that the man was lying in the bathtub. He should be asleep, his eyes closed. He leaned against the edge of the bathtub, his silk like hair floating in the middle of the water.