Chapter 173: Keeping the Scourge by One’s Side Is the Safest Way

Chapter 173: Keeping the Scourge by One’s Side Is the Safest Way

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When Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows, she still had that smile on her face, making it impossible to guess what she was thinking. No matter what, she still remained extraordinarily handsome.

In fact, this was also the first time Qin Mo had met someone like this young man.

He looked tricky, and he did things without care for rules and regulations.

From a psychological perspective, it was the most difficult to create a profile on this kind of person.

Therefore, it was safest to keep a scourge like this by his side.

"Which one do you want to hear first?" Fu Jiu looked at the ten novels in her hand. She was having a hard time choosing.

Qin Mo finally regained his senses and said in a pleasant, low voice, "Read your favorite first." People said that one's personality could be determined from his or her choice of books.

Qin Mo used to believe in this professional method religiously, but now… because of young man, he started to reevaluate the complexity of human nature as he looked at how this young man usually was. "He" didn't look like someone who loved reading romantic novels, but in fact, "he" was even more stupid than he had expected.

Fu Jiu didn't read this kind of book a lot. She loved detective suspense fiction novels the most, but there were still some leftover memories of these books in her head. She picked one that she thought had a funny writing style; in fact, it was a book about a rich family on campus[1].

The Almighty was quite polite this time, and he gave her a hand gesture to continue. With a demon-like elegance, he crossed his legs and lay on his side on her bed. His face was calm and handsome, and his right hand was still clad in a black glove. His fair wrist was exposed, making people feel that such a creature of perfection shouldn't exist in this world.

Fu Jiu had never thought that her bed was small before, but with this man on it… she felt the need to get a new bed… But it was also because this god was so tall and strong.

"This's a novel written with XXX," Fu Jiu coughed lightly, "It's a novel about rich families on campus."

Qin Mo's thin lips twitched, and he somehow exuded a mocking aura, "Domineering School Hunk, Where Are You Running Off To?"

"Good memory, Brother Mo." Fu Jiu moved closer and blinked her beautiful eyes.

Young Master Qin reached out and lowered the young man's hat. "I asked you to read bedtime stories, not to flirt."

Fu Jiu's smile widened, and she said with her handsome face:, "Here we go: My name is Zhang Meili. I'm just an ordinary everyday girl, until one day, I transferred to a higher college named 'The Best School of the Nation, the World, and the Universe.'My dreamy journey started. That day, I fainted as I was walking through the forest. Someone showed up, and he was really handsome! And his name was 'Ouyang Moneybags'!"

Hearing this, the man couldn't bear it anymore, and his mouth curled up in cold laughter, "Ouyang Moneybags? What kind of name is that?"

"Brother Mo, just wait, there's more," Fu Jiu started to have more fun reading, "So this Ouyang Moneybags was no other than the only son of the owner of 'The Best School of the Nation, the World, and the Universe'! He knows how to build a spaceship, and there are satellites at his place. After he saw me faint, he gave me a pile of gold bricks and let me go get food with them. But kind, cute, and pure as I am, how could I take money from him! Ouyang Moneybags met a girl who rejected his money for the very first time, so he started to follow me around ever since. I even thought I'm chased by so many, so many that they could line up all the way from my classroom to the school gate, but I really couldn't say no to him, so I agreed to be his girlfriend for a couple of days…"


Qin Mo reached out his hand, pressed shut the book in Fu Jiu's hand, and said sullenly, "Buy food with gold bricks? You sure you can do that?"

"Brother Mo, this is a book about rich families on campus. Anything's possible, anything!" Fu Jiu held in her laughter, and a glowing light seemed to be emerging out from her eyes.

[1] Rich Family Campus Writing: Such writing about people from rich families and their experiences on campus;