Chapter 1731 - Untitled

Chapter 1731: Untitled

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Before You Sixin could do anything Hoshino countered.

You Sixin narrowed his eyes and said. “Aren’t you going to abide by your promise to be my shadow? You’re not going to let me touch you?”

“You’re drunk enough to not want your hands anymore?” Hoshino leaned beside his ears when he said that.

You Sixin glanced down. Because of his intoxication, his strength was a little weaker than normal. “Why? Are you really going to break my wrist if I took action?”

“I wouldn’t.” Hoshino watched the approaching face, his gaze the same as always.

These two words made You Sixin bury his face into the pillow. “Then let go. It seems like you have underestimated your influence on me, if you continue to speak to me by my ear, I’m going to have a reaction, heh.”

That heh made Hoshino realise something, he wasn’t kidding, he was being honest. He frowned unconsciously, and loosened his hand. He stood up.

Released, You Sixin leaned back lazily, the corner of his eyes still sharp and beautiful. “Why? Were you frightened?”

Hoshino looked at him. “When did it start?”

“Didn’t you know, I have always been accepting of both men and women.” As You Sixin said this, he tilted his head and lit a cigarette in his hand. He was very handsome when he smoked, and there was a kind of evil spirit.

Hoshino retracted his gaze and took a stride.

You Sixin spoke again. “You’re going to cut ties? Or do you find it disgusting?”

Hoshino glanced back towards the wilful smile and was reminded of his younger self. Regardless of the situation, he would always smile.

Even the times his mother made him go to the House all bruised up in order to attract his father’s attention.

He looked like a doll when he was younger. He could make use of his surroundings and would never allow anyone to know he had cried.

Children that were made use of by their mothers didn’t like to talk, but You Sixin wasn’t the same. He was always smiling. Regardless of who bullied him, he would get back at them. He just needed to wait.

That was probably the reason, he is where he is now. Besides, the younger You Sixin didn’t like him very much. Hoshino could feel that even though he was smiling at him, there wasn’t any warmth in his eyes. But even so, they weren’t the kind of people that would expose a disguise.

A young child’s innocence was far from them.

From certain angles, back then, even though they weren’t willing, they were companions.

The first month, they were like sensible children. He would greet him whenever they met.

“Hoshino, let’s practice fencing together, it will definitely be interesting.”

Thereafter, they both confirmed that they weren’t pure, and he stopped greeting him when they met.

And he was the same. During the fourth month they were still together, but they fought like little children because he saw his mother hitting him.

You Sixin threatened him. “If you tell anyone, none of us will be better off.”

Back then, he was smiling when he said that, just like right now. But the hand that held him was shaking, and there seemed to be whirlpools in his eyes.

Back then, Hoshino knew that this person was like an abandoned cat and was incredibly insecure.