Chapter 1733 - Heated Up

Chapter 1733: Heated Up

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The only thing You Sixin could feel was the slightly cold touch coming from his abdomen.

When the fingers touched his waist, he felt a moment of numbness. He was caught entirely off his guard and even his gaze froze for a moment.

Hoshino glanced at his and said slowly, “What happens if I do this?”

You Sixin didn’t move. His body reacted faster than his mind. He seemed to be enjoying the process.

Hoshino’s fingers stopped at the second bone of the person’s spine. He seemed to have gotten closer to You Sixin. “In the past, I didn’t realize why those people want to take you away. It’s hard for people not to think too much when they see your expression now. But, do you really think that you can suppress me?”

You Sixin pupils constricted abruptly. He grabbed Hoshino’s wrist back and said, “Do you have a misunderstanding of my stamina? Do you think I can’t handle you?”

“I feel that based on your current condition, you might get too heated up.” Hoshino continued indifferently, “If I kiss you now, your stamina will probably go all the way down to zero.”


When he heard this word, You Sixin’s body tensed up. His heart was beating so furiously it felt as though it was going to explode. It was beating irregularly. Only he could hear the sound of his heartbeats.

You Sixin was a beautiful poisonous snake, but at this moment, he stopped at his harmless state. He even looked like he was waiting to be slaughtered.

Hoshino changed the direction of his fingers. This time, he came to the back of You Sixin’s neck and used his head to press against You Sixin’s forehead. His breathing was calm as he said, “Do you like me so much? I only said it once and you’re already like this?”

You Sixin squinted. Then, he smiled as he opened his mouth lazily and replied, “I treat everyone the same.”

“I’m glad that you know you slept with too many people.” Hoshino looked at him in a composed manner. “Hence, how are you going to let me believe that you are not liking me because of a sudden impulse?”

What? You Sixin felt that he had never been so close to Hoshino before. He could even feel how close his thin lips were from his mouth.

At this moment, You Sixin didn’t know what Hoshino was saying. He just felt that the person seemed to be planning to pull his hand away. Hence, You Sixin raised the corners of his eyes and pressed Hoshino’s hand down. “Why are you talking so much? Help me.”

“Help you with what?” Hoshino wasn’t in a rush. He looked at the handsome and beautiful face. It had a brittle feeling to it.

You Sixin lowered his voice and continued, “What do you think? I’m already so obvious. Even if you have no experience, you should know what I meant.”

Hoshino touched the warm part of his body with his legs. His gaze didn’t change at all as he replied. “You must answer my previous question first.”

Of course he understood. However, there was no free lunch in the world. Hence, when he finished that sentence, Hoshino leaned to the side and placed his thin lips on the person’s ear.

You Sixin already had some alcohol in his body so now, he felt as though his blood was boiling. Not only was his hands frozen, but his entire body was also trembling.

What did he do just now? Did he kiss him?

The kiss lasted only for a split second.

When he felt that instant of numbness, Hoshino stopped any plans to continue the kiss.

You Sixin never felt this way before. He really wanted Hoshino to continue touching him. It felt as though his skin was dying of thirst.

This caused You Sixin’s breathing to turn messy.

“What was the previous question?”

His mind had already stopped working. Until today, he had never experienced this feeling before. He felt greedy, a greed that couldn’t be satisfied easily. This was probably because even his heart knew that this was Hoshino.