Chapter 1734 - Untitled

Chapter 1734: Untitled

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You Sixin never knew that his heart could beat so quickly. It felt like a tornado sweeping into his mind.

Hoshino just touched the tip of his ear. Why did he have such a strong reaction…

Hoshino looked at You Sixin’s misty gaze. He looked at the handsome and beautiful face that looked different from normal. His black hair scattered beside his hand like silk.

“Forget it.” Hoshino appeared to be laughing.

However, You Sixin didn’t know why Hoshino was laughing. They had already reached this stage, but he was telling him to forget it?

He started to squint with his misty eyes. He was just about to flare up in anger.

That was when the person spoke beside his ear. “As compared to other people, I’m not someone you will like because of a sudden impulse.”

You Sixin froze. He saw that Hoshino had already stood up.

What was the meaning of this? Was he playing with him?

You Sixin’s gaze was a little heavy. His heart felt as though it was freezing.

He wanted to stand up too, but Hoshino’s next move affected his action.

The person pressed his wrist down and used his other hand to take the glass of water at the side. “Where are you going? Drink this water first.”

“Is this the time to drink water?” You Sixin grabbed Hoshino’s collar and pressed his body against him.

Hoshino’s voice was calm. “If you don’t drink it, you will regret it when you get a headache tomorrow.”

“This time, I won’t. I just have to sleep properly.” You Sixin’s attitude was really casual. “Anything can be solved with a good sleep.”

Hoshino stood beside him. There was no change in his aura. “You can sleep after you drink this?”

“Hmph.” You Sixin scoffed, “You kissed me and now, you’re telling me to sleep directly?”

Hoshino raised his eyelids. “Do you want to take a bath first? You can do that. The perfume smell on your body is too strong. I feel uncomfortable smelling it.”

“Perfume? Are you kidding me? I never use perfume…” You Sixin suddenly stopped his sentence. “Are you jealous?”

Hoshino’s expression didn’t change. “I don’t want to pick you up from another man or woman’s bed the next morning. Also, since you want to stay together with me, you should restrain your actions a little.”

“You can sleep with me then.” You Sixin’s naughtiness was ingrained in his bones. “After I sleep with you, I will most likely lose interest in other people.”

Hoshino glanced at him. “Are you thinking about these things all the time in your mind?”

“Isn’t it good to be so honest?” You Sixin laughed softly. “Or am I not handsome enough?”

Hoshino looked at him.

You Sixin’s breath was very close to him. He knew how to get what he wanted using his looks. However, when he was with Hoshino, he never used his beauty before.

Today, it was different. He yearned for this person dearly. Also, You Sixin believed that Hoshino wouldn’t be so indifferent.

“You really don’t want to give it a try?”

This kind of enticing was really seductive. Also, You Sixin’s lips were almost going to touch Hoshino’s, but at this moment.

Hoshino lifted his hand and grabbed the blanket. He covered You Sixin’s face that was handsome enough to mesmerize anyone. He even covered his entire head with the blanket.

“What are you doing?” You Sixin squinted and pulled the blanket down.

Hoshino sounded nonchalant. “Go and sleep.”

“We’ve already reached this step and yet you want me to sleep?” You Sixin was already lying on the bed, but he still felt unhappy. However, the next second, his body tensed up. That person climbed on the bed too and was looking at him with his black pupils. “Yes, sleep. We have a long future ahead…”