Chapter 1735 - Love, Love

Chapter 1735: Love, Love

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A long future ahead? Sometimes, You Sixin felt that Chinese was a fascinating language. A few simple words were enough to make him feel that his future wasn’t cold anymore. He wouldn’t need to wake up from a stranger’s bed when he couldn’t sleep.

He seemed to be doing the same thing ever since he was young. However, this person was able to give him a sense of security.

This was also the first time Hoshino looked at him with this gaze. It felt like the spring in the mountain and the rocks on the cliff. There was snow in them but he couldn’t detect a hint of coldness.

Yet, his fingers had turned numb because of it.

He was drunk so it was true that his stamina couldn’t keep up. However, the aura on You Sixin’s body didn’t subside. His naughtiness wouldn’t bow down to anyone.

This was why some people wanted to challenge him when they saw him. This was also the reason why some people gave in to him.

Many people got bewitched by You Sixin. Of course, some insensible people who thought that they were the star had terrible endings. Thus, his nickname, Poisonous Snake, was well-known in his field.

No matter what the occasion was, he would be the scene just by sitting there. He looked like a powerful and evil noble with an extremely extravagant life. There was even a crown on his head and beauties all around him.

However, now, You Sixin’s attacking speed slowed down instantly.

The feeling where the initiative was in other people’s hands. He had never had this feeling before.

You Sixin squinted. He wanted to liven up the mood again, but that person stretched his hand out and hugged him along with the blanket. His voice sounded beside his ear. “Sleep. If you don’t sleep now, I will not accompany you to sleep anymore.”

You Sixin froze, even his long legs stopped moving. His life was a mess. It was completely different from this person.

You Sixin didn’t understand. This was just a simple action. It wasn’t vigorous and he hugged him through the blanket. However, it gave You Sixin a different feeling. He didn’t even want to let go. He didn’t want to destroy the current atmosphere.

If he had to describe this moment, he would say that it was much warmer than spending the night with a stranger. It felt like the first time he ate cotton candy when he was young.

Oh right, as the boss of the gang, ever since he was young, his mother told him that he shouldn’t eat things like cotton candy. Without a doubt, when he was discovered, he was beaten up badly. Even so, the tip of his tongue never forgot the taste of cotton candy.

It was slightly sweet and the taste lingered on his tongue for a long time.

You Sixin didn’t move. He just looked at the ceiling and acknowledged Hoshino’s words.

Hoshino looked at the face that had been beautiful from the moment he was born. He raised his eyebrows slightly. No resistance?

You Sixin really slept. He didn’t care if he was the one being hugged now.

The next morning, when Hoshino received the invitation message from Bo Jiu, he didn’t reply to her. Instead, he gave her a call. “Is it convenient to bring my family?”

“Your family?” Bo Jiu paused for a moment. She smiled and replied, “It looks like you have made up your mind. Sure, bring your family.”

Hoshino smiled gently. “You know who it is?”

“Besides that poisonous snake, who else can it be?” Bo Jiu lifted her long legs and placed them in front of her. She was resting after her frog jump. “You can’t let go of him either. If not, you would have started doing other things already. You wouldn’t have stayed there and remained as the advisor of the gang. Now, gangs are getting more and more classy. They even have the position of an advisor. But, Hoshino, is he stable?”

Hoshino glanced at the person who was still sleeping on the bed. “I will think of ways to make him stable.”

Bo Jiu smiled. “I wonder who’s the one who lay his eyes on the other person.”