Chapter 1736 - Extra Episode of Qin Mo and Bo Jiu's Life After Marriage

Chapter 1736: Extra Episode of Qin Mo and Bo Jiu’s Life After Marriage

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Based on what she knew, although You Sixin woke up on different people’s beds every morning. He never had sex with any of them.

This probably had something to do with his unhappy memories as a child. Similarly, his interest in something couldn’t last for long. Maybe only Hoshino was able to keep him down.

Poisonous snakes were always sly and cunning. They would hide in the bushes, waiting to swallow other people in one gulp.

Yet, the poisonous snake didn’t know that the hunter had already laid his traps everywhere. He was just waiting for the snake to attack first. Then, he could pull his traps back and bring the poisonous snake home.

“I wonder if the snake is cold if you hug him.” Bo Jiu hung up and smiled.

There was no one supervising them when they did their frog jump. Thus, Bo Jiu was really enthusiastic.

The moment she finished muttering to herself, she heard someone speaking beside her, “Are you not training properly?”

“Wait for a moment. I will buy a box of heat packs for Hoshino. When we go to Milan, I will pass it to him.” Bo Jiu leaned back on the railings behind her and tapped on her phone without looking up. She was shopping. Her other hand was placed casually at the side. The ends of her hair were a little wet. She looked like a clean but evil youngster.

Manager Feng wanted to remind her that someone had come back. However, she started talking about Hoshino instead.

As expected, Qin Mo, who was standing beside him, said with a calm look, “Oh? Why don’t you buy an electric blanket for him too?”

“Electric blanket is good, it gives off heat…” Bo Jiu paused for a moment. She naturally kept her phone and looked at the handsome and elegant face in front of her. Then, she started moving her hands. She hugged his waist directly. “I didn’t see you today. I don’t have motivation even when I got punished.”

Qin Mo lifted the corners of his eyes. “Mrs. Qin, where is your dignity?”

“It ran away from home temporarily.” Bo Jiu raised her eyelids lazily.

Qin Mo signaled to tell her that there were still people around them.

Bo Jiu noticed those people. Since her precious disciple wasn’t there, she just glared at them,

The meaning behind the evil smile was obvious. Don’t you think that you are a little extra here?

Zhao Sanpang couldn’t bear with it. He had seen many people displaying their love in front of him but he had never seen someone so strange. Of course, he couldn’t be a lightbulb, seeing too much would make you bloated and lose your appetite for dinner.

Bo Jiu smiled as she looked at the other people. When they left, she raised her head and kissed the lips that were only a few inches away from her. There was a faint smell of mint.

Qin Mo didn’t allow her to continue. Even though there were smiles in his eyes, he still wanted explanations from her. “Why are you buying heat packs for Hoshino?”

“You Sixin’s body temperature is slightly cold.” Bo Jiu was unhappy when her kiss got interrupted. She raised her eyebrows slightly and continued, “If I buy this for him, it might help to strengthen their relationship.”

Qin Mo asked in a seemingly casual tone, “Their relationship?”

“Yes. You don’t have to ask about this. Don’t hang out too much with them in the future.” Bo Jiu sounded nonchalant. “You’re too pure. It’s easy to bend you.”

Qin Mo lowered his gaze. “Easy to bend me?”

“It’s easy to get affected by this.” Brother Mo smiled gently. “I respect everyone’s sexual orientation, but I hate the saying that true love only exists between people with the same gender. As for Hoshino and that Young Master Xin, they are both demons. Brother Mo, don’t even have any thoughts about this.”

Qin Mo glanced at him and said in a calm tone, “Give me your phone.”

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows, “Brother Mo, don’t you think that you sound like a lady? Why are you looking at my phone?”

“Give it to me,” Qin Mo repeated.

Bo Jiu passed her phone to him. Her WeChat screen showed her conversation with Luoluo.