Chapter 1737 - Extra Episode Of Qin Mo And Bo Jiu

Chapter 1737: Extra Episode Of Qin Mo And Bo Jiu

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Qin Mo just glanced at the screen. Then, he fixed his gaze at a certain part of the conversation.

Luoluo: Little Spade, do you know how interesting it was when we met each other’s parents?

Spade: How interesting is it?

Luoluo: His parents always felt that our captain likes Qin Mo. Ever since he was young, Qin Mo was the only person to whom he paid so much attention too. His mother even thought that we were pretending to be a couple so that he could answer to his family. When she heard that Qin Mo sent a delivery, her expression changed entirely. Honestly speaking, Qin Mo gives off the feeling that he’s fine with both ladies and men. The popularity of the Mo and Jing couple is very high.

Bo Jiu sent a smiling emoticon and replied with a voice message. “When he comes back, I will punish him.”

Luoluo replied with a smiley face too. ‘There’s no need to punish them. If they get together, we can elope. You have always been my male idol anyway.’

Qin Mo removed his fingertip from the screen and looked up. “Male idol? You?”

Bo Jiu lifted the corners of her lips and revealed her white teeth. “After all, I rely on my face for food.”

“Hmph.” Qin Mo laughed. He lifted his hand and pinched the person’s face. He seemed to be testing its thickness. Then, he said in a meaningful tone, “Indeed, you rely on your face to eat.”

It wasn’t painful. Instead, the strength he exerted allowed her to hug his waist even more conveniently.

This was planned!

Bo Jiu knew it clearly, but in front of his beauty, she couldn’t control herself.

“In the past, I only needed to be wary of ladies. Now, I need to be wary of men too.” Bo Jiu looked up and continued smiling. “Your handsome face really brings trouble. However, Brother Mo, when you’re discussing strategies with Captain Xiao, don’t have any other thoughts towards him. Captain Xiao has a girlfriend now. It’s against the law to ruin other people’s relationships.”

Qin Mo listened to her as she sprouted nonsense in a righteous tone. Then, he stretched his hand and pressed her wrist down. Her hand was behind his back. “I think that the person with such thoughts is you.”

“Huh?” Bo Jiu admitted it directly. “Towards you? This isn’t the first day you know this.”

He caught her again. Seriously, it was so hard to sneak an attack at him.

Qin Mo looked down on the person’s face. He changed their position and pushed the person against the corner. Then, he pulled her hand and placed it behind his back. He was wearing a shirt inside and the team jacket outside.

With the jacket covering her hand, no one would be able to see anything even if Bo Jiu did something.

Her hand was inside his white shirt. She could feel the bones below her palm as well as his waist muscles. It was nice to touch.

During Autumn, it was a little cold in Jiang City, this touch allowed her to warm her hands, thus Qin Mo allowed Bo Jiu to place her hands behind his back. However, it was impossible to ask her to stop moving.

Qin Mo felt that the hand was like a ball of fire running around his body. Wherever it touched, it would ignite flames in that region.

Qin Mo moved his Adam’s apple and lowered his gaze. “Don’t move like this.”

His voice was very clear and charismatic. It sounded a little hoarse as it landed beside Bo Jiu’s ear.

A numbness seeped out of her heart. Bo Jiu looked up. She saw the elegant and handsome face.

Due to some effects, his breathing wasn’t as stable as normal. Even the edge of his eyes looked a little different.

He held her waist and pushed his lips against her neck. Lust and ripples intertwined with each other.

Bo Jiu knew that she was the only person who could make him act like this. Extremely sexy and mesmerizing.