Chapter 1739 - Extra Episode Of Qin Mo And Bo Jiu

Chapter 1739: Extra Episode Of Qin Mo And Bo Jiu

Luoluo’s gaze froze for a second. “You thought so far ahead?”

“Fighting in competitions isn’t a one-man story.” Bo Jiu looked up. “You have been through that path. You should know how uncomfortable it is to get discriminated against by trainees from your batch.”

Luoluo looked at the person in front of her.

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. “What is it?”

“Nothing.” Luoluo lifted her hand. “You’re so handsome that I want to pinch your cheeks.”

Bo Jiu placed her hands in the pockets of her pants. “You can pinch however you want.”

Luoluo did pinch her. How was this person able to know so many things? Normally, she didn’t speak much.

This was probably what gentle meant.

Luoluo placed her gaze on the small figure not far away again.

She noticed that the child’s black hair had grown longer. It was already by her eyelids. She was whispering to the sharp-tongued Master Fatty.

Occasionally, she would find some time to help them wipe their keyboards or take water for them to drink. She never complained about feeling tired.

Little Bey was the one who made the bitter gourd juice they drank.

Normally, whenever there was a holiday, Bo Jiu would ask Little Bey to stay at the base. Besides the internal people in the team, no one knew this. They didn’t know that Bo Jiu paid for Bey’s food allowance. She also paid for her plane ticket to Milan.

Actually, every team from different countries would start to find new players. They would bring the new players to the National League so that they could enjoy the experience.

The Supreme Alliance had been disbanded, but as her master, Bo Jiu’s biased nature would never change. Since other people had this opportunity, her disciple must have it too.

Also, during this period of time, everyone knew that Bo Jiu was intentionally training Bey to play the other positions. She would become an all-rounded player who could play other roles besides the assassin too.

“Do you really hope that Bey will come back?” Luoluo laughed in a low voice. She pinched the handsome face again. “If not, you wouldn’t have groomed her like this.”

Bo Jiu leaned there lazily. However, before she could speak, someone dragged her away.

It was Qin Mo.

Luoluo’s hands were left in mid-air.

Qin Mo looked at the person in his arms and raised his eyebrows. He looked nonchalant, but when he looked at Luoluo, his gaze was slightly cold. “if you want to pinch someone’s face, find your Captain Xiao.”

Luoluo looked at the side and saw another person walking over. The face of their Captain Xiao didn’t give her the urge to want to pinch it.

Qin Mo had already brought the person away.

At first, Luoluo wanted to complain to Xiao Jing. She wanted to tell him that Qin Mo was a little too selfish. He didn’t even allow her to pinch Little Spade’s face. However, Xiao Jing just glanced at her and said slowly, “I feel that you and Z are a little too close.”

Luoluo was stunned and flabbergasted. Even he…

Xiao Jing was wearing a white gown. There was an immortal aura around him. “If you want to pinch, pinch my cheeks next time.”

Luoluo: …

After Qin Mo left the base, he acted differently. He grabbed the person’s chin and looked at her for a long time. Then, he gently stroked the areas where Luoluo pinched. After that, he furrowed his brows slightly.

“What’s going on between you and Luoluo?”

Bo Jiu smiled. “You know that she’s my goddess. Honestly speaking, Brother Mo, if I was a man, you wouldn’t be in the picture.”

“Hmph.” Qin Mo snorted. Then, he suddenly leaned over and bit the person’s ear. “You still want to be a man?”

Bo Jiu tensed up. She seemed to have overdone it.

Qin Mo’s voice slowly rose beside her ear. His breath landed behind her ear. It was so numb and itchy she couldn’t push him away. “Mrs. Qin, I’ve been giving in to you too much recently, right?”