Chapter 174: I’m Sleeping with Your Young Master in the Same Room

Chapter 174: I’m Sleeping with Your Young Master in the Same Room

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Qin Mo looked at the young man who was mere inches apart from him. "Anything? Even though I don't read such books, I know that something is not normal; you made it up!"

"How could I?" Fu Jiu denied as she calmly laid the book open. She smiled carelessly, "Look, it's written like this."

"So the girl in the novel really thinks that all the men in the world like her?" Qin Mo pointed at the book with his long finger. His eyes were bit cold. "'Even though I'm being chased by so many, so many that they could line up from my classroom all the way to school gate.'"

Fu Jiu replied lazily, "What's wrong with that? Every time Brother Mo goes to school, it's far more exaggerated than this. Even the school heads gather to welcome you. Do you still call that normal?"

At this moment, Qin Mo was speechless.

Fu Jiu's thin lips were smiling. She had finally initiated a topic that could choke this god. She had to continue reading!

There was no way that Qin Mo would allow the young man to poison his mind again. Just hearing the name "Ouyang Moneybags" made him want to tightly shut this book. He looked at the young man's face again and lifted his eyebrows. "Feeling proud?"

"No," Fu Jiu laughed lightly. She now knew the study king's weak point. A person who had studied psychology like this god surely couldn't stand these Mary Sue[1] stories.

Qin Mo reached his hand out and pinched the young man's jaw. His eyes deepened slightly. "You already have such a delightful smile showing your canines, and you still say you're not proud?"


Chen Xiaodong didn't expect to see such a scene when he walked in. His hand quivered, and the bowl fell off.

He really could never have imagined that the way Young Master Qin punished his young master was… was… by kissing "him"?!

Chen Xiaodong swallowed his own saliva with difficulty.

That gesture was apparently an omen of some serious kissing!

"What's up?"

It was not his young master who asked but Young Master Qin. With that cunning and pretty profile, it was too hard not to think in that awkward direction!

"No-nothing…" Chen Xiaodong was scared and quickly added, "Young, Young Master asked me to prepare a guest room for you. It-it's ready, so Young Master Qin, do you want to go rest now? Or… later?"

Fu Jiu didn't know why her little butler was acting like Baby Feng now. He even became a stutterer? Was he scared of this god?

"Guest room?" Qin Mo lifted the corners of his beautiful eyes. "Who said that I need a guest room?"

Chen Xiaodong paused: …Where else then?

"I'm sleeping with your young master in the same room," Qin Mo said calmly like it was no big deal.

Chen Xiaodong acted like he was hit by a lightning, and his mouth dropped open in shock, "Sleep, sleeping in the same room?!"

"Yeah? Problem?" Qin Mo held the cigarette between his fingers, flicked the ash into the ashtray, and glanced at him. His eyes were so calm that they looked like still water.

Chen Xiaodong was stunned by that glance, and his heart made a thumping sound. Even his young master's face didn't change. He replied instantly, "Sure, no problem! I will go get another pillow for Young Master Qin right now!"

Chen Xiaodong hadn't known that the two of them were sleeping together. He thought that it was inappropriate, but he really didn't know how to disobey Young Master Qin. Most importantly, this was also a great opportunity for Young Master!

Therefore, before exiting, Chen Xiaodong lowered his voice on purpose and said to Fu Jiu, "Young Master, I have never been supportive of your liking Young Master Qin, but since you like him so much, I will be on your side and support you. I especially prepared a very thin cover for Young Master Qin. It will get cold at night, and when he's cold, Young Master, seize your opportunity and… cough! No need to thank me, Young Master. Make tonight count! You can do it!"

[1] Mary Sue style: a literature style, in which characters are usually perfect and flawless, impossible to exist in real life;