Chapter 1740 - Extra Episode Of Qin Mo And Bo Jiu

Chapter 1740: Extra Episode Of Qin Mo And Bo Jiu

Bo Jiu wanted to hug the person when she heard that voice, but recently, this person really liked to play hard to get.

For instance, after he finished speaking, he straightened his body and even tidied his collar. He looked as though he didn’t want her to get close to him. Yet, he looked so seductive and elegant at the same time.

Bo Jiu’s heart was itching. She lifted the corners of her lips. No matter what happened, she was going to sleep with him today.

They were currently staying at Qin Mo’s loft apartment. This was because there was no need to have two bedrooms anymore.

There was a saying that a couple should have some distance between them. This was irrelevant to Qin Mo. Ever since he was young, he was used to raising a certain Little Bo Jiu. Now, the habit hadn’t changed.

It was more suitable to keep this flirtatious idiot beside him.

At this moment, Bo Jiu was immersed in her own thoughts. She was wondering how she could feed the drug naturally to Qin Mo.

Even when Princess came to provoke her, she didn’t care about it.

There was a confused expression on Princess’s big face. It raised its claws and provoked Bo Jiu again.

Bo Jiu suddenly smiled. She took two wine glasses out, then she opened a bottle of red wine. She did the entire series of actions with a handsome aura.

Although Bo Jiu’s cooking skills were not very good, as someone who had been to all the famous night clubs, she was a professional at drinking.

Qin Mo saw her actions. He looked nonchalant, but his gaze turned intent. However, he didn’t express it. He just turned his head and continued cooking the steak.

Bo Jiu stretched her hands out naturally and hugged Qin Mo from behind while he was cooking. “I can help you to cut the vegetables.”

“Forget about it.” Qin Mo glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. “Help me to take the onions out from the fridge.”

Bo Jiu had something to do and it helped to distract some of her attention too. She mustn’t make her motive too obvious.

When they were in the kitchen this was their normal state. Qin Mo would cook and Bo Jiu would be his assistant.

Until a long time later. A small child asked, “Mom, you don’t know how to cook. Why are you always in the kitchen? This is called wastage of public resources.”

Bo Jiu said with an evil tone, “What do you mean by wastage of public resources? You said that because you never learned this phrase called ‘feast for the eye’. I’m standing here because I want to admire your father’s beauty.”

The little child flipped the dictionary and felt that his mom probably had some misunderstanding regarding this phrase. It was scary when she used this phrase to describe his dad.

Of course, this would happen in the future. Now, the little child wasn’t born yet. There was only a cat here.

It didn’t affect Bo Jiu’s mood to do naughty things.

After the steak was placed on the pan, it sizzled and the fragrance of meat spread through the air. Bo Jiu grabbed the opportunity and passed one of the wine glasses to Qin Mo.

When they were at Fifth Avenue, this was what they always did. Before they ate steaks, they would drink a bit of wine.

It was a casual evening. Making dinner in this environment made people more relaxed.

This was why Bo Jiu passed the wine to Qin Mo now.

Qin Mo wouldn’t reject her. He casually twirled the wine glass. Then, he smiled and took a sip.

Bo Jiu smiled when she saw him drinking the wine. As expected, if she wanted to trick him, she needed to do it during their daily life.

Qin Mo said seemingly casually, “Watch the fire. I will go and take some broccoli.”

Bo Jiu didn’t care where he was going. She just replied, “Okay.”

She just needed to wait for half an hour. The drug would take effect half an hour later. He would gradually lose his strength and she could do anything she wanted to him.

She had to admit that her black buddies were really helpful at certain times.