Chapter 1741 - Extra Episode Of Qin Mo And Bo Jiu

Chapter 1741: Extra Episode Of Qin Mo And Bo Jiu

Second floor. Qin Mo stood beside the bed and looked at the pill lying on his palm and raised his eyebrows. He popped the pill in his mouth. There seemed to be a small smile at the corner of his lips.

Bo Jiu wouldn’t be able to see this scene. As a hazard in the kitchen, she had to remain constantly vigilant when she watched over the fire.

When Qin Mo came back, she even asked, “Is it burnt?”

“No.” Qin Mo’s posture was very professional when he was making steak. The seasoning process was handsome too. The steak was extremely fragrant when he finished making it.

Although Bo Jiu had other plans, it didn’t affect her desire to eat steak.

She was a meat-eater. The moment the steak was cooked, Qin Mo cut a piece and fed it to her.

Bo Jiu always ate very quickly. Normally, with Qin Mo supervising her, she would eat slowly because she wanted to look at him more. However, today, she would occasionally raise her head to look at the time. She ate faster too.

The way Qin Mo held his fork and knife was the same as in the past. His posture was so professional he could pose for a photo. He was also wearing a pair of glasses on his nose.

He didn’t wear glasses normally unless he needed to pair them with his clothes.

When he was halfway through his meal. He put down his fork and knife and pressed the middle of his eyebrows with his hand.

Bo Jiu had one hand placed under her chin. She was feeling extremely lazy, but when she saw his movement, her eyes lit up uncontrollably. “What happened? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“No.” Qin Mo glanced at her. “I’m just a little tired.”

That’s right, you should be tired.

Bo Jiu smiled. “Do you want to rest for a while after the meal?”

“Yes.” Qin Mo lowered his head. Why was that little fellow so happy when he fell for her trick?

Bo Jiu looked at the clock. She felt that the drug should be starting to take effect.

Around 7.20 pm, she knocked on the table with her fingers.

Qin Mo lifted his hand and unbuttoned one of the buttons on his shirt.

“Are you feeling warm?” Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows.

Qin Mo nodded. Then, he unbuttoned another button with his slender fingers. His actions were very slow. When he revealed the fair collarbone beneath his clothes, he looked really seductive.

Bo Jiu was extremely happy. However, she didn’t show it on her face. She kept her lazy aura and said, “I will go and adjust the heat.”

“No need.” Qin Mo wanted to stand up. However, the moment he stood up, he staggered and fell back onto his chair. Then, he furrowed his brows viciously as though he didn’t understand why he was feeling this way.

Bo Jiu leaned forward slightly. She was really a little worried. “Do you feel very uncomfortable?”

“No.” Qin Mo’s tone didn’t change. “I just have no energy in my limbs. Did you put something in that glass of wine?”

Bo Jiu knew that it wasn’t easy to trick the Almighty. However, the drug was starting to take effect so she admitted it directly. “I gave you some drugs.”

Qin Mo looked at the person smiling in front of him. She didn’t seem guilty at all. Instead, she had a naughty expression. Also, when she noticed that he was feeling weak.

She raised his chin and lowered her head to kiss him. Then, she continued smiling and said, “Brother Mo, let me help you to the bed. What do you think?”

“Grandfather Butler had been asking you to remain reserved ever since you were young. Have you forgotten about it, Mrs. Qin?” Qin Mo spoke in a nonchalant tone.

Bo Jiu sat on the dining table and bent down to kiss his fingers. She looked really gentlemanly like a prince. “I’m very reserved. I didn’t force you.”

Qin Mo looked at her. He could clearly see the back of her neck when she bent down. It was as white as snow.

He had kissed that part before so he knew how sweet it was when you bit it lightly. He also knew that when he placed his thin lips there, her body would shudder slightly.