Chapter 1742 - Untitled

Chapter 1742: Untitled

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Qin Mo did it, just as Bo Jiu was rejoicing her success.

Qin Mo glanced at her from the corner of his eyes and kissed the back of her neck. Bo Jiu suddenly shuddered. She lost some of the strength in her hand as she was taking off his shirt.

This wasn’t right. Just as she was about to raise her hand, he grabbed her right hand instantly and interlocked their fingers. He had already stood up. He pushed her against the dining table and said with his mesmerizing voice, “Are you very happy?”

Bo Jiu was a smart person so naturally, she understood what happened. She turned and looked at his wine glass.

Qin Mo’s breath could be felt at the back of her ear. “The drug will take effect half an hour later. You will feel hot and weak in your entire body. That way, other people can do anything to you. Don’t you find it a little familiar?”

Bo Jiu’s aura remained as powerful as always. She was still smiling gently as she said, “The black buddies aren’t really reliable. Brother Mo, when did you discover everything?”

Qin Mo’s fingers had already gone below her shirt. A smile appeared at the corner of her lips. “What do you think?”

He discovered it right at the start. Seriously!

Bo Jiu felt a little remorseful.

Qin Mo leaned closer when he noticed her frustrated look. “I’ve always been waiting for you to use this drug.”

Bo Jiu thought of the phrase ‘walking right into the trap’. “You ate the antidote beforehand?”

“So smart?” Qin Mo raised her eyebrows. His mind was no longer on this issue. He touched her soft spot with the tip of his fingers and his breath became a little heavy.

Even the corner of Bo Jiu’s eyes were starting to turn red. It was impossible to ignore the numbness. She looked at the person standing in front of her. Don’t even talk about doing anything to him. She was the one who was getting weak and letting him do anything to her.

Qin Mo noticed that she was shuddering slightly. His gaze turned deep and he bent down. After unbuttoning her collar, he started kissing her lightly. He didn’t give her any chance to escape at all.

He was standing in front of her so her route of retreat was blocked. Also, he was holding her right hand down all this while.

Bo Jiu’s body was turning warm from all the kissing. The numbness spread from the tip of her fingers to her entire body.

The temperature in the room kept rising.

Bo Jiu heard his voice beside her ear. He seemed to be laughing softly as he asked, “Do you really want me?”

To Bo Jiu, Qin Mo felt like a thousand years old demon sometimes. Especially at this moment.

Bo Jiu’s shirt was pulled up and her waistline was half-revealed. The arc was beautiful and mesmerizing. She looked a little youthful but was smiling like a devil too. “If not, why would I drug you?”

Qin Mo’s gaze looked more intense. He placed her left hand on her waist. There seemed to be electricity on the tip of his fingers. “That sounds reasonable.”

Bo Jiu’s waist turned weak because of his actions. Even his breathing felt a little hot.

They had been together for a long time. He understood her body even better than she did.

It felt as though magic had been cast on that pair of hands. Every part of his body felt warm.

Bo Jiu’s thoughts were floating in mid-air. She couldn’t do anything. She could only allow him to lead.

He wouldn’t give her any chance to think. His thin lips landed on her shoulder. Every single action was unyielding. She wasn’t able to resist them.

She heard the sound of his belt unbuckling. Amidst his soft voice, her ears turned redder.

Bo Jiu’s breathing was in a mess now. She placed one hand on his shoulder. “Don’t… go to the bed…”

However, Qin Mo didn’t seem to have heard her. He looked at Bo Jiu who was wearing his shirt. He had always wanted to do this. He placed one hand against the table and his breathing landed on her face along with his hair. He was handsome, elegant but sexy. Once his restraint was broken, something seemed to have been released. He was afraid of nothing.