Chapter 1743 - Untitled

Chapter 1743: Untitled

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As they panted and breathed, the heat that landed at the back of her ear became more and more obvious.

This was how he pushed her against the table. She didn’t even have strength left at the tip of her fingers. Until her voice broke.

When they were almost done, he hugged her waist with one hand and said in a charismatic tone, “Do you feel comfortable? Hmm?”

Bo Jiu trembled. Her mind was empty and the numbness at the tip of her fingers hadn’t subsided. It was at this moment when she realized that he seemed to have recovered.

She was just about to open her eyes when Qin Mo lowered his head and kissed her neck.

The temperature in the room started getting hot again. You could clearly hear the ambiguous sounds inside the room.

Sweetness seemed to be seeping out from every single sound.

As for Bo Jiu, when she was bearing with it, she would pull her neck back and look extremely beautiful.

That was indeed the case. She was only wearing a white shirt, to Qin Mo, this had nothing to do with the drug. In addition, she was wearing his clothes. Thus, even though he was a patient person, he couldn’t wait for them to climb up the stairs.

What’s more, he liked this feeling. The feeling where she could only rely on him.

Qin Mo was unable to stop even though he wanted to.

Bo Jiu’s entire body was weak. She didn’t know how many times she asked him to do it when he coaxed her.

The night was still young…

The next day, Bo Jiu woke up in the car.

In the Lincoln Town Car, he allowed her to sleep in his arms. There was no need to wonder, he was the one who helped her wear her clothes.

When Bo Jiu raised her head, she saw that handsome and mesmerizing face. His jawline was very cool and he didn’t look tired at all. He looked as enchanting as ever.

Looking at this face, no matter how painful her waist was, she endured it. Her principal was, as long as there were advantages to gain, she would grab the opportunity.

Her hand slipped into his shirt.

Qin Mo lowered his gaze. “You start doing bad things the moment you wake up. It really fits your style.”

“Brother Mo, if you cooperate with me a little more and stop moving, that will be the best,” Bo Jiu said playfully.

Qin Mo lifted the corners of his lips. He leaned close to her ear and whispered so that only the two of them could hear. “Who was the one who asked me to go faster and harder yesterday? Hmm?”

Bo Jiu stopped speaking, her face turned red entirely.

Qin Mo lowered his voice. “Don’t worry. I will let you touch as much as you want after we reach our destination.

When they reached, Bo Jiu finally knew that the destination he was referring to was a hot spring resort hotel. They were on the top floor with only the two of them.

He seemed to really like it when she wore his clothes. Thus, he allowed her to enter the water while wearing that white shirt.

The place was very hot. There was even a faint mist like the mist in the mountains. It made them feel as though they were in heaven.

No one would see them. Qin Mo wouldn’t allow anyone to come here either.

He was keeping his promise now. He held her hand and placed it around his waist. Then, he leaned against the edge of the hot spring pool and smiled with his thin lips as he said, “Mrs. Qin, please.”

Bo Jiu did want to take advantage of him, but she knew that if she did, in the end, she would be the one with a backache.

“What is it?” Qin Mo pulled the person back. “Are you abandoning me?”

Bo Jiu replied in a lazy tone, “I want to touch, but it’s too tiring. Promise me that you won’t do it.”

“Okay.” Qin Mo smiled gently. “As long as you don’t want it, I won’t touch you.”

Facts proved that it was better to be more straightforward.

It was true that he didn’t do anything improper. Sometimes, Qin Mo viewed his promise to Bo Jiu with high importance. However, he kept kissing her body continuously. He didn’t give her any chances.

Especially when the kisses were stained with the heat from the water, Bo Jiu couldn’t bear with it. She wanted to quench her thirst with his body.