Chapter 1744 - Extra Episode Of Qin Mo And Bo Jiu

Chapter 1744: Extra Episode Of Qin Mo And Bo Jiu

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In the end, she didn’t know who took advantage of who.

It was true that Bo Jiu touched enough of Qin Mo, but it was obvious that the person who got eaten was her.

However, she forgot everything. After it ended, she panted softly beside his ear. That handsome and elegant face was different from the usual. It was stained with the aura of the human world. His lips were slightly red and his eyes were pretty and profound.

Bo Jiu never got tired of looking at him.

Qin Mo always knew how to take care of this person.

After he carried her out of the water, he took the sleeping robe and wrapped her with it. Then, they sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at the lights outside.


Actually, it wasn’t very intense. When compared to the first day, today Qin Mo had already restrained himself. That was why Bo Jiu only felt comfortable. She felt even more comfortable when she leaned against Qin Mo.

After hearing what he said, she moved. She felt a little puzzled. “Why do you need my hand? I don’t want to touch you anymore.”

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows after listening to what she said. “I’m not asking you to touch me. Remove all these dirty thoughts from your mind.”

Bo Jiu yawned sleepily and continued leaning against him. She pressed her thin lips on his neck and said, “Brother Mo, you don’t know about this. If you want to have a good marriage, one party needs to be more proactive. I know that you’re more reserved so I have to take more action. I’m doing it for you.”

“Thank you, Lord Jiu,” Qin Mo said in a casual tone, then he pulled her hand to him.

Now, Bo Jiu knew that he wanted to help her cut her nails. She wanted to retract her hand.

“Am I supposed to let you grow your nails so that you can bite them?” Qin Mo leaned closer. His breath landed behind her ear. “My back is red from all your scratching.”

Bo Jiu’s face turned red when she heard this. This was rare. She looked at his back. Qin Mo’s figure was really good. The lines of his muscles could be seen and his back was very straight. It was flawless, but there were lines of scratches on it now. It looked really ambiguous.

As a soldier, shouldn’t his skin be thick?

As expected, even when Momo grew up, he was still a little princess.

“I’ll be gentler next time.” Bo Jiu was serious when she said this. She didn’t realize that this sentence was normally said by men.

Qin Mo lowered his gaze and glanced at her. He pulled her hand over.

Qin Mo might not be so patient when he was taking care of other people, but when it was Bo Jiu, he got really used to taking care of her, especially after he regained his memory.

He had this habit ever since he was young. He couldn’t change it even if he wanted to. Also, he had never thought of changing it. She was someone he should raise.

Even though Zhao Sanpang told him differently many times during their training. For instance, after the frog jump.

Zhao Sanpang would always say, “Scheming Qin, does Little Spade not have hands? Why do you need to help her tie her shoelace?”

Qin Mo would always tease him as his reply. “You’re single. You won’t understand it.”

Zhao Sanpang sincerely persuaded Bo Jiu before. “Little Spade, seriously. Beauties are the same but interesting souls are rare. Scheming Qin’s face is fine, but he’s really boring. Other people will go out and play during the holidays, but look at what he’s doing. He stays at home to drink some tea, play chess, and read books. He started his senior life early. Little Spade, how can you bear with it. You are the prince of nightclubs!”

“Master Fatty, it’s really embarrassing to admit it, but I like beauties.” Bo Jiu said in a serious tone, “The lights in the nightclub are not good. You can’t see his entire face. At home, it’s different. He will look at the book and I will look at him. That’s perfect.”

Zhao Sanpang: …Damn it, you can’t speak properly with a beauty lover!