Chapter 1745 - Extra Episode Of Qin Mo And Bo Jiu

Chapter 1745: Extra Episode Of Qin Mo And Bo Jiu

Other people might not know how good Qin Mo was at taking care of people. But other people would always remain as other people. Very few people would let him supervise them willingly like Bo Jiu.

Qin Mo did have his flaws. His possessiveness was extremely strong. He even put Luoluo on Bo Jiu’s phone’s blacklist before.

Everyone condemned his action, but Bo Jiu would always reply with one sentence, “It’s just a small matter. I will add her back secretly.”

In the end, she was still smiling playfully.

The entire world was probably like this. No one was perfect.

For instance, Bo Jiu. She was like the wind. A second ago, she might be lying in your arms lazily, but the next second, she could be driving a Lamborghini and creating some trouble. She had many friends, male or female. Most of the time, besides training, she would be playing.

Indeed, she looked like a person who liked to drink and play. Qin Mo was the only person who could catch the wind.

She liked the darkness, she couldn’t change that. He wouldn’t ask her to change either.

She only needed to know one thing. She belonged to him.

Currently, Bo Jiu had a clear understanding of this point. When she saw someone good-looking, she would just take a look at the person. After all, she also realized that no one could be compared to the person beside her.

When Bo Jiu thought about this, she opened her eyes and admired the benefit she got after her marriage.

Qin Mo glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. He thought that she had cut into her flesh so he frowned a little.

Princess looked at them from the side. Its cat face was really round. Although its master brought it everywhere he went, it couldn’t feel any love from its master.

When its master was cutting its nails, he did it so casually, but look at his actions now! He was so careful it was as if he was attending to a porcelain doll.

Also, this was how he acted daily.

Sometimes, Princess wondered if this person did everything on purpose. When she was getting down the bed, she even needed its master to remind her to wear her slippers!

Bo Jiu had nothing to say about this. Her life skill column hadn’t been activated yet. Sometimes, when she wanted to go to the kitchen to make breakfast, Qin Mo would stand behind her and teach her step-by-step the entire process.

Hence, now, Bo Jiu knew more than just how to cook noodles. She had no problems cooking scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

This was how Qin Mo always acted. First, he would ask if she planned to destroy the kitchen. Then, the next second, he would walk over and teach her.

Just like when they were young, he would hold her hand and teach her how to write her name stroke by stroke.

“Are you an idiot?”

“Momo, I’m not good at doing this kind of handicraft.”

“When is writing considered a handicraft?”

“To me, it is. It’s the most difficult kind too.”

“Sit properly.”

“Are we still writing?”

“If not, what do you want to do? Play with William?”

At that time, she was still very smart. She hugged Qin Mo and kissed him. “No, I just don’t want to learn how to write.”

At first, she thought that she could subdue this person, but thinking back about it, Momo was just too pure in the past.

His face turned red instantly and he took a deep breath. “Don’t sleep at my place tonight. No, not just today. Don’t come tomorrow too.”

“Why?” Bo Jiu didn’t understand. She had already expressed herself clearly.

Qin Mo couldn’t understand how someone so young already knew how to whine and take advantage of him. He didn’t know how many times he had to remind her that she was a girl.

She would always lay on his shoulder lazily. When she apologized, she was quite sincere. “I promise that I will control myself better next time. But, Momo, you’re too handsome. I don’t know if I can control myself.”

Qin Mo: …