Chapter 1746 - Extra Episode Of Father Bo

Chapter 1746: Extra Episode Of Father Bo

From a certain point of view, Bo Jiu never changed ever since she was young.

As for Qin Mo, he didn’t get used to it when he was young. His manners taught him that they were different in gender so they needed to keep some distance between them. However, after that he felt very uncomfortable when she stopped looking for him and stopped hugging him. It was so uncomfortable that he didn’t want to maintain any distance from her.

There was only one way to solve this. He would raise her. That way, they wouldn’t need to care about their gender difference. Thus, you could say that Qin Mo was still as scheming as he was in the past.

If not, William wouldn’t feel a chill down his spine and his knees wouldn’t go weak when he saw Qin Mo. Qin Mo was his childhood nightmare.

However, these were nothing when compared to his gentleness.

People that knew Qin Mo would feel this way. They felt that it was very hard to imagine that one day, he would cut someone’s nail and tidy someone’s sleeve with so much patience.

This was entirely different from their perception of him. Even if he was dating, this shouldn’t be how they date.

Only Grandpa An remained quiet with a smile on his face. At that time, he thought to himself that they had never seen these two children when they were young. He always teased his grandson. “You are helping the Bo family to raise their child.”

From the looks of it now, he wasn’t helping them to raise their child, he was raising his wife.

When the two of them were eating, his grandson was always the one supervising Bo Jiu and feeding her personally.

All children would have toothaches. His grandson spent so much effort to stop her from eating sweets temporarily. He asked her to chew on mint.

When Grandpa An remembered this, he wanted to laugh. Similarly, he would also remember the time when they parted.

His best friend despite their age difference, it was quite a pity. Grandpa An sighed.

At the business banquet, someone felt confused when they saw Grandpa An acting like this and asked, “Director An, why are you sighing?”

“Is it because of your grandson again?”

“I have a good lady to introduce.”

“Forget it. Can your lady be better than mine?”

Grandpa An always heard this conversation from his business friends. Grandpa An felt that it was time to hold a wedding in China for the two children.

Within three days, the two of them would be representing China for a competition.

His friends in the business world didn’t know how good his grandson was at playing games. Thus, they didn’t know that their grandson had already held his wedding overseas.

You could really say that he ‘married’ into the Bo family.

Grandpa An didn’t mind if his grandson wasn’t so outstanding. Ever since he was young, he wanted to raise that child for the Bo family. That meant that he didn’t want to care about what happened here anymore.

However, these people still didn’t know about his grandson’s wedding. Grandpa An smiled. He thought of his speech and was going to start speaking.

A burst of evil laughter was heard from the other side. The voice was low and charismatic. “Everyone, it looks like you are not very well-informed.”

That laughter was so familiar that Grandpa An thought that he heard wrong. He was always very professional at work, but even he paused for a moment before turning around slowly. He looked behind him.

He saw a person leaning against the piano. This time, he wasn’t wearing his trenchcoat. He was wearing a pure black suit. He looked formal and cool. Time didn’t leave any traces on him, his face was still angular and handsome. He gave off a lazy aura.

However, his lips were very thin and his skin was too white so people often linked him with the word ‘devil’. He looked as though he came from a noble vampire family.

As he walked over, everyone’s attention was attracted to him.

“Who is this?” someone asked.

After all, not everyone could come to this business gathering.