Chapter 1747 - Untitled

Chapter 1747: Untitled

The person walked over.

Maybe it was because he was too handsome and pretty, even his brooding eyes were filled with stars.

“The fellow from the Qin family is already married, right?”

Married? Some older businessmen reacted a little slowly. The people beside them were still discussing among themselves.

They turned their heads and wanted to ask Grandpa An if this was true.

Grandpa An’s pupils were shaking.

“Director An, do you know this person…”

Before the person beside him could finish speaking Grandpa An rushed over and opened his arms wide to hug the person. They were really best of friends in spite of the difference in age.

“Where did you go all these years?”

The person gave an evil and casual laugh. “Finding someone.”

Grandpa An didn’t understand. “Finding someone? Who?”

“Who do you think?” The person lifted the corner of his lips.

Grandpa An’s pupils started shaking even more. “She, isn’t she…”

“Yes.” The person seemed to talk about an extremely normal thing. “But, I don’t believe it. Hence, I kept looking for her in this region.”

Grandpa An trembled again. “You…”

“I found her.” The person smiled. His eyes lit up and his white teeth were revealed. “However, I met some problems.”

Grandpa An heaved a sigh of relief too. “That’s good. After all, there’s nothing you can’t solve.”

“Well, when my daughter wants to get married, I can’t do anything. I heard that your grandson married into our Bo family.” The person’s smile became brighter. “It looks like our Lord Jiu’s wish came true. When she was young, she said that she would buy your grandson once she accumulated enough wealth. She really bought him now.”

Grandpa An smiled and shook his head. He recalled how the two children were when they were young. He felt that it was indeed very interesting.

On the other hand, the people on the side were stunned. Someone came over with his wine glass and asked carefully, “Director An, may I know who this is?”

After all, it was rare to see Director An talking to anyone in this tone. It felt like this person was his family, but this person was too young.

Grandpa An didn’t explain much. He just replied calmly, “It’s just a friend of mine.”

“Was he speaking the truth?”

The people at the scene were all very concerned about this question.

Grandpa An smiled and said, “Yes. All of you know my grandson. You know that he’s someone with his own thoughts. He loves the person too much so he held the wedding overseas.”

“Such a hasty marriage?”

“Without Director An’s approval?”

“He should ask his family members even if it’s just for formality.”

Grandpa An replied, “What formality? In the future, that little brat will be part of the lady’s family. When you marry your grandson away, he’s not part of your family anymore. But, don’t worry. After the two of them have finished their business, they will definitely hold a wedding in Jiang City. Please remember to come.”

Everyone was flabbergasted when they heard this. This… he was really going to marry into the lady’s family? Oh my god, what kind of family did the other party have? How was she able to let the only inheritor of the Qin and An family marry into her family?

And the family members all agreed. Was there such a powerful family?

If there was, why didn’t they know anything about it?

Everyone looked at the figure standing beside Grandpa An once again. Who on earth was this person? Why did Director An treat him so special?

Also, this person didn’t look like someone who had a teenager as his child.

Grandpa An wouldn’t let these people look curiously at his friend for long. He knew how good his friend was at hiding his identity. He also knew that he didn’t want to mix with these people. Thus, Grandpa An didn’t say much.

He waited until there was no one around him before sighing. “You didn’t get old at all.”

The person walked into the darkness in the garden. There was a slight glint in his eyes. “Really?”