Chapter 1748 - Extra Episode Of Mr. Bo

Chapter 1748: Extra Episode Of Mr. Bo

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No one would notice the slight redness in his eyes. He was like the devil in mangas. How could a devil grow old?

He smiled and remained as lazy as always. “Alright, I just wanted you to know that I’m still alive.”

“What do you mean?” Grandpa An was a smart person. He furrowed his brows and continued, “Are you not going to meet Jiu?”

Mr. Bo seemed to have merged with the darkness when he stood there. “I’ve already seen her. Our Lord Jiu is indeed beautiful when she wears a wedding gown.”

“You went to their wedding?” Grandpa An raised his head abruptly. “They didn’t recognize you?”

Mr. Bo corrected him. “It’s more accurate to say that I hosted their wedding. Haha, they had good taste. They chose the church I was sleeping in.”

“The church you were sleeping in?” Grandpa An paused for a moment. He remembered the first time he saw this person. He continued, “I have a question I always wanted to ask you. How did you get rid of the wound you got when I knocked into you?”

Mr. Bo chuckled. “Old An, isn’t it too late for you to ask this question?”

Grandpa An still wanted to say something.

He heard a ringtone.

Mr. Bo accepted the call. His tone changed a little as he spoke in a mesmerizing but gentle tone, “Me? I think I’m lost. Yes, I don’t know where I am. Can you come and fetch me? Okay, I will wait for you here. Don’t drive too fast. Yes, it’s a little cold. I remember some things. Let me hear what you remember…”

Grandpa An knew his best friend very well. He knew when he would become so gentle and obedient. It was obvious who the person calling him was.

Grandpa An saw him hanging up the call. Then, he turned and smiled at Grandpa An. “I will bring her to their competition. Honestly, I only had time to watch their competition recently. If they win, I will give them a present.”

After finishing this sentence, that slender figure disappeared into the night sky.

He was always elegant beyond comprehension. However, Grandpa An didn’t stop him. After all, what he said was enough. He also knew that this person would stand beside the road and pretend to look pitiful after he left this place. Yet, he didn’t stop him.

As expected, Mr. Bo was very skilled at acting obedient. He walked to the side of the road. His aura was still evil and playful, but he had unbuttoned his coat. He looked a little lost. He stood there and glanced at the bunch of bats hanging under the road lamp with the corner of his eyes.

If there were other people here, they would definitely see them shivering before they left. Also, there shouldn’t be bats coming so near humans in the city centre. This wasn’t the right season either.

Everyone knew that bats loved dark and damp places. Thus, why would they be here? The image happening didn’t seem real.

As the bats left, the black mist in the surroundings subsided a little. Mr. Bo stood under the road lamp, his shadow very long.

The wind in the nights of Autumn was quite strong.

His black hair was a little messy because of the wind, but even so, it didn’t affect his handsomeness. Instead, he looked sad and pitiful. Especially when a Wrangler drove over, his sad and brittle aura became even more obvious…