Chapter 1749 - Extra Episode of Mr. Bo and Mrs. Bo

Chapter 1749: Extra Episode of Mr. Bo and Mrs. Bo

The person inside the Wrangler could see the man wearing a black suit and standing lazily under the road lamp. His side profile looked a little pale under the lighting. There was a mist floating around him.

People’s hearts would flutter when they see him. The person inside the Wrangler stopped the car and pushed open the car door.

The instant Mr. Bo raised his head, the corners of his lips lifted slightly.

“Why are you standing here?” The voice that was heard was a little cold. However, because of her tone, you could sense her calmness.

“The private gathering didn’t allow you to enter?”

Mr. Bo nodded. Then, he placed his head on the person’s shoulder as though he felt very lonely and sad.

The person froze.

The cars passing by could see this scene from their rearview mirror. They didn’t know what this lady with the aura of a businesswoman was doing. Maybe it was because she raised a small little puppy. If not, they wouldn’t be in this position.

They couldn’t see what the woman looked like. They could only see her fair skin under her professional skirt. It was so white it was almost glowing. They could also see her beautiful back and her thin waist.

However, these weren’t the only things that caused them to keep looking back. It was her cold and refreshing aura that felt like a lotus.

This was very rare, so why would a woman like her need to raise a little puppy? It was a waste of god’s gift!

Also, from the lady’s attire, one could tell that this wasn’t a normal office worker.

Indeed, Lou Luo wasn’t an ordinary worker. However, there was a huge problem with her memory.

She didn’t know when it started. When this person came to look for her Lou Luo was a little puzzled.

He said that he was called Bo Yin and there was a complicated relationship between them. As for their relationship, she needed to slowly remember it herself.

Lou Luo didn’t think that she looked like someone who would get fooled by others. However, he stood outside the villa and got drenched in the rain for half an hour. He looked like a blue blood cat that got abandoned by his master.

When she opened the door, he was still smiling. “Have you recalled everything?”

She said, “No.”

The next day, when she went out again all the trees planted outside her house were broken.

He refused to enter the villa.

He just half-leaned against the wall. When the sun rose on the horizon, his face looked even paler than yesterday night, but it didn’t affect his handsomeness at all. This was a kind of face that shouldn’t appear in the human world. It was tainted with the evilness of the dark world.

He said that he was sick. He couldn’t stay under the sun for a long time. He also said that he would leave after a short while. He said that if he sat there, he could be closer to her.

Seven days. On the seventh day, Lou Luo brought him home. He looked really sick.

When she was facing him, her awareness of danger seemed to have dropped entirely. Maybe it was because this person looked too weak.

She didn’t understand why a rational person like her would allow herself to interact with a boy that was younger than her. Maybe it was because he was a boy…

Lou Luo lowered her head and looked at the person lying on her shoulder.

In order to do this action, he still needed to bend down because of his height. However, things like this made her happy easily. She didn’t know why.

Even the problems she met during her work today didn’t seem so frustrating now.

Although it didn’t sound good for this person, Lou Luo was finally able to understand why some directors liked ladies younger than them.

They were young, obedient, good-looking, and rely on you. Who wouldn’t like them? As she thought about this, Lou Luo lifted her hand and placed her palm naturally on his head. “If you really want to go, I can bring you in.”