Chapter 175: Lord Jiu Flirts with Almighty Qin

Chapter 175: Lord Jiu Flirts with Almighty Qin

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Fu Jiu glanced at him and laughed coldly, "I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. From tomorrow onwards, half of your salary is deducted."

Chen Xiaodong: …Why did Young Master deduct half of my salary when I did him such a huge favor?

Fu Jiu felt really frustrated as she threw the thin cover on her bed. What pig teammates she had. She should really control that little butler's crazy thoughts a little; otherwise, it would be too dangerous.

"Brother Mo, you can sleep in my room. I will sleep in the guest room." Fu Jiu turned around and smiled lightly at Qin Mo, "I drank some alcohol, so you probably wouldn't like the stench on my body."

Qin Mo pulled the young man who wanted to sneak away back inside. He grabbed onto Fu Jiu's arm and pressed her against the wall. He put his handsome face close to hers, not even leaving enough distance for another person between the two of them. "What? You don't want to sleep in the same bed with me?"

Such a blunt question was a little difficult to answer…

"You let any random girl sleep in your bed, so why not your big brother?" Qin Mo's voice was really deep, and there was not even a tiny bit of warmth in his eyes.

Fu Jiu was clear that at this time, she needed to answer, and she responded, "Of course you can!"

"Then go wash yourself up before getting your butt in bed. Don't let me have a whiff of that alcohol stench on you. Or would you prefer to take a shower with me?" Qin Mo didn't have his tie on, and two buttons on his shirt were undone. His black hair, together with his fair face, made his presence especially strong. With that lazy look on his face, it was as if he was telling her that he was in no hurry and to take her time.

Fu Jiu knew that she had no escape route anymore, so she simply said with a handsome smile, "Brother Mo, you can go shower first. I will get the bed ready."By all means, I have to get a thicker blanket. Otherwise, things will be dangerous…

Taking a shower usually didn't take long.

By the time Qin Mo was done, Fu Jiu almost had the bed ready, and she put a stuffed toy in the middle on purpose, so that the same situation that happened previously wouldn't happen again the next morning.

The Almighty didn't take fault with any of that, and Fu Jiu grabbed a towel before going to take a shower. After locking the door behind herself, she took off her school uniform and bandages and took a warm shower, before walking out completely changed.

She didn't wash her hair, but it was still damp from all the steam. Her chopped silver hair made her look luxurious.

Fu Jiu didn't like wearing slippers, especially after a shower. She casually stepped on the wooden floor, and she walked over with a smile on the corner of her mouth. This was very normal behavior but it looked rather arrogantly handsome when she did it.

Early on, Qin Mo had already realized that the young man's skin was very fair. Now, he was looking at those bare feet that were simply like porcelain and jade. Even her nails were shiny and perfectly filed into a round shape. The bottom of his eyes darkened uncontrollably, before his gaze moved away from her.

After having experienced sleeping together from last time, this time Fu Jiu very naturally turned off the lights and laid down.

Qin Mo wasn't sure if it was because the lights were out, but the soft scent of alcohol and the sweetness of the shower gel strongly accompanied the young man's breathing. It became more and more vivid and appealing, and all of this seemed to vaguely tease his left ear However, the young man didn't notice as he smiled at him, "Brother Mo, do you want me to read you another bedtime story, yeah?"

The young man's tone was raised, and in the dark, there was that unknown scent inexplicably tempting him to undo the collar of the young man's pajamas …