Chapter 1750 - Extra Episode of Mr. Bo and Mrs. Bo

Chapter 1750: Extra Episode of Mr. Bo and Mrs. Bo

In a novel, this was what a male CEO always said to the female protagonist, but very strangely, when Lou Luo said it, it didn’t feel weird. That was probably because she gave off the presence of a successful lady in the business world. Yet, there was an ounce of clarity in her gaze.

Bo Yin glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. His thin lips landed on her cheeks and he replied, “I don’t want to go now.”

Lou Luo didn’t expect him to kiss her suddenly. The hand that was on his head stopped moving for a second.

As a man who relied on his woman, Bo Yin knew when he should stop. This kind of kiss was light and a little itchy.

Lou Luo remembered the Alaska she had in the past. It liked to kiss her like this too.

Recently, she would keep looking at other people’s opinions of a relationship between an older woman and a younger man.

There were rarely any good endings. However, based on their situation now, they were probably not in a relationship yet. Maybe she was his… sugar mommy?

In the past, Lou Luo never liked someone so lazy. In her office, she liked those people who had a plan at work and relied on themselves, but this person was an exception.

Why was that the case? Lou Luo kept looking for the reason. The only way she could convince herself was that when this person was around her, she wouldn’t feel so lonely. When she reached home, someone would be there to help her take off her high heels.

Lou Luo did ask her female friends if their boyfriends would do these things.

Normally, they would chuckle and reply, “Are you crazy? It’s already rare for them to help us take off our high heels and clothes. If he’s so obedient, he must be younger than you.”

Indeed, he was younger than her, but she couldn’t treat him like a younger brother.

She didn’t have a detailed conversation with her female friends. After all, Lou Luo didn’t want other people to think that he was just a pretty boy.

She called him a boy because of the youthful aura around him. He felt soft and cuddly. It made people want him to rely on them. However, he was a man.

From his occasional gazes, Lou Luo knew that his evilness was addictive. This was probably the benefit of being young.

Lou Luo put her hand down. She continued smiling gently as she said, “Do you want to get into the car?”

“Yes.” Bo Yin’s voice still sounded lazy. It turned lower and more charismatic when he got into the car. “You said that you remembered some things?”

Lou Luo placed the finance report she just picked up back in its original position. Her voice became lower too. “I can’t remember everything. I just recall some images. It’s too blurry.”

Bo Yin didn’t say anything. He just raised his hand and removed the report placed on her long legs. “You should tell it that this is my position.”

As he spoke, he laid down sideways and placed his head on her legs.

Lou Luo wasn’t in a hurry to settle the reports. After all, she came to fetch him. So she allowed him to lie on her. She looked at his soft hair and his perfectly handsome face.

Lou Luo stretched her hand out and combed his hair again and again with her fingers. The aura around her didn’t change. Her makeup was exquisite and she looked delicately beautiful. When she wore professional attire, she looked resolute and firm.

“Boss Lou, are we going to the west or shall we go somewhere else?” The driver saw this scene from the rearview mirror. He really didn’t know why Boss Lou found such a boyfriend.

Besides his face, he couldn’t understand how they were compatible, but Boss Lou started to love going to the west recently. Now, Boss Lou asked him to go to the west…