Chapter 1751 - Extra Episode of Mr. Bo and Mrs. Bo

Chapter 1751: Extra Episode of Mr. Bo and Mrs. Bo

Lou Luo liked to go to the west because that was where he was staying. She picked him up and brought him home there too, but obviously, this person was quieter today.

Lou Luo lowered her gaze. In the past, there would be times when he suddenly became a little quiet.

“Are you unhappy that I can’t remember the past?” Lou Luo asked the person lying on her legs.

The person suddenly smiled and held her hand. His voice was charismatic and pleasant to the ears. “No. As long as you remember to fetch me home every day, that’s enough.”

“In dramas, they always want their partner to regain their memory.” Lou Luo looked at him. She still didn’t seem to believe that she knew him in the past.

Bo Yin could sense this faintly. He smiled gently. “Everything is fine. If you regain your memory, I will bring you to see someone. If you don’t, we can start dating again.”

Lou Luo smiled. His words always made people feel comfortable.

Was this the reason why other people like to raise a mistress or a pretty boy?

At first, she was supposed to complete her report at work today. But, when she remembered that he was planning to participate in a business gathering, she brought her reports out.

All her female friends knew of his presence.

Someone asked her what his job was.

This was a tough question for Lou Luo. After all, this person rarely went out in the day. He always went out at night.

“He works in a bar?”

“Isn’t he a student? Doesn’t he need to wake up early?”

Some people told her that a man like him wouldn’t date someone like them sincerely.

Lou Luo also knew this. This had nothing to do with confidence.

A man at his age normally liked a sweet young lady that respected him. But, Lou Luo’s idea was very simple. When he was beside her, she felt really comfortable.

She knew where the boundaries were.

Now, she had a difficult problem. She wondered if she should ask about his work. After all, she noticed that when other people raised a third party outside, they would always help the third party with his or her work.

Yet, this person never asked her for anything.

The most he ever did was call her and asked, “Can you come back earlier today?”

He always made Lou Luo feel that he really missed her, just like a husband waiting for his wife.

Lou Luo didn’t want to appear too materialistic, even though she was a materialistic person. But, she still needed to give him something in return.

“You…” Lou Luo paused for a moment. “Have you started working?”

Bo Yin looked at her. “Yes,” he replied.

Lou Luo didn’t hide her thoughts. “What job is it? Do you need my help?”

“C programming.” Bo Yin leaned closer. “You only need to raise me properly and don’t always throw me alone at home. Reply to my messages as soon as possible and don’t hang up my call when you are in a meeting.”

Lou Luo’s fingers froze when she heard this.

Another day, she would ask her female friends another day.

She wanted to ask them why the person she was raising was different from the ones the other old directors were raising.

However, it seemed reasonable too.

This person was very smart and knew how to make her happy. He was never materialistic. He was different from her.

Even if he really wanted something, he wouldn’t be so direct. His level wasn’t that low.

The person she brought home. She understood him to a certain degree.

“I was too direct.” Lou Luo smiled softly and pinched his face. Her professional attire made her neck very long. “Did I hurt you?”

Bo Yin took this opportunity and lowered his gaze. “Yes, I was indeed hurt.”