Chapter 1752 - Mr. Bo and Mrs. Bo Got Closer

Chapter 1752: Mr. Bo and Mrs. Bo Got Closer

“Shouldn’t you give some compensation?”

Finally, he talked about compensation. Lou Luo heaved a sigh of relief instead. After all, this was how she was able to continue their relationship.

He gave her warmth and accompanied her. Thus, she gave him something in return. This was the correct way.

“Yes, I should.” Lou Luo placed her hand on his head again. She knew that she couldn’t be too direct about some things.

In the past, she didn’t have any worries. However, he was a man.

Lou Luo was finding a point of balance. She didn’t want to see him like this.

When they reached their destination, the driver left.

The house in the west wasn’t very big. It was a little ancient-looking and it was a detached house.

Lou Luo pushed the door open and prepared to have a proper conversation with him.

Suddenly, the person hugged her from the back and kissed her on her neck.

His breath was still cold. There seemed to be no warmth in it, but for some reason, it made people numb all over.

This might be because when his teeth touched her blood vessels, it would always give her a different feeling. She was unable to resist it.

“Be obedient, erm… don’t.” Lou Luo remained awake. She reminded him to not go any further.

Bo Yin turned his face. His breath landed on her ear. “You hurt me just now. Shouldn’t you compensate me?”

Lou Luo didn’t expect that this was the kind of compensation he wanted. Just as she was about to look up, his hand had already gone under her dress. He slid his hand in.

The moment her long legs came into contact with his coldness, Lou Luo shuddered and glanced at him.

Bo Yin lowered his gaze. He was giving a gentle smile. “Don’t worry. You will like it.”

His voice was like hypnosis. It was low and enchanting, like a bottle of wine being poured into ice.

Lou Luo didn’t know how to describe it. In her memory, no one had done such things to her.

For a long period of time, when he was beside her, he would only kiss her face or lean on her like he was relying on her.

Today, it was different.

Lou Luo didn’t know if she was prepared for this. A part of her didn’t hope that they would progress to this state.

She knew that from the biological point of view a young body was addictive. He already had some influence over her.

If they continued like this, Lou Luo didn’t know if she was willing to let him go when he wanted to leave.

“This kind of compensation isn’t good.” Lou Luo couldn’t see his face. She could only press his hand down. “It’s not convenient for me.”

Bo Yin raised his eyebrows. “Not convenient?”

“My relatives are here.” Lou Luo found a reason and took a step away from him. She had been wearing her high heels for a long time so when she entered her house, the first thing she did was to take off her heels and change into her slippers.

Before she could bend down, he was a step faster than her. He pressed her fair ankle down and took off her heels.

He was kneeling on one knee. She unconsciously placed her hand on his shoulder.

Maybe it was because he was too handsome, but when he did such an action, he didn’t look pitiful. Instead, his evil aura made him look like a demon deacon that came out of a manga.

His presence didn’t get suppressed. Instead, it made people embarrassed. Even Lou Luo felt embarrassed. “I will do it myself.”

“Good.” He agreed. But, the next second, he carried her in his arms and placed her on the sofa. Then, he pushed her against the sofa and placed one hand beside her. He smiled and said, “You have no relatives.”