Chapter 1753 - Extra Episode of Mr. Bo

Chapter 1753: Extra Episode of Mr. Bo

Lou Luo didn’t even have the time to ask, “How do you know?” Before his kiss had already landed on her.

The breath between his lips smelled like an unknown perfume. It was the fragrance of roses at dusk, but he never used any men’s perfume.

Lou Luo was still wondering if all young bodies were like this.

The professional attire on her body got unbuttoned by him.

It was obvious that someone’s body temperature was rising. However, it wasn’t his. It was hers.

He was like someone who didn’t have any warmth, but his coldness made it easier for people’s hearts to flutter.

Lou Luo didn’t resist. She wondered if there was anyone who was able to resist him.

Whether it was his aura, his voice, or his face, it was hard enough for people to reject him.

She was an adult so she wasn’t too flustered when she met this kind of situation. But, she didn’t expect things to progress so quickly.

The most important reason was her personality. Her personality was quite mild so she wasn’t very enthusiastic in this area.

She had never thought about this in the past and she never had anyone so close to her before.

A long time ago, she had a fiancé, but everything ended before it started.

He told her that she never gave him enough. When she was busy, she never thought of looking for him. She never took the initiative either. Normally, they just went to watch movies.

Sometime later, she discovered his true thoughts.

Rather than saying other people interfered with their relationship, it was more accurate to say that their feelings for each other were already weak.

Sometimes, men were quite strange. If you discovered his mistake and asked for a break-up, he would be unwilling to let go. He even started chasing her back and telling her, “I don’t like her. You are the one who’s always like this. I don’t feel interested anymore. Why don’t you allow me to touch you?”

Lou Luo was never too strict about such matters.

They were all adults so she let nature take its course.

She looked at the man who had a successful career too. She put her pen down and replied, “We are not suitable for each other.”

The person hated her afterwards and said that she was heartless.

That was why for a period of time, other people would say that she was frigid when they saw her.

It had been a long time since that happened.

Thus, when Lou Luo recalled the matter, all she remembered were snippets of the event. She remembered someone suggesting to her to find a younger man at that time.

Now, what the person said came true.

Lou Luo looked up, her neckline beautiful, but Bo Yin was not satisfied. He bit her ear gently and said, “What are you thinking of? Why are you so unattentive?”

Lou Luo didn’t know how to be attentive anymore. When she felt the numbness, her mind went blank.

He seemed even more impatient than her. He buried his head in her neck. “Don’t move. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to control myself and bite you.”

Lou Luo could feel his teeth. It was a little sharp and a little itchy. It was able to suck her energy away entirely.

She wanted to look at him but he pressed her wrist down and interlocked their fingers.

He seemed to love her reaction.

He laid beside her ear and chuckled. His voice was hoarse and sexy.

He carried her up and let her sit in his arms. The clothes on her body were in a mess. His breath could still be felt beside her ear as he said, “You loved this position in the past.”

Lou Luo didn’t reply to him. That was because the moment she spoke, she would stutter.

Her body temperature was hot and she felt waves and waves of numbness. Yet, he didn’t seem to feel tired at all.

Gradually, Lou Luo lost her strength. She wanted to escape, but he pulled her back into his arms.

His thin lips landed on her neck again.

“Gasp…” Lou Luo furrowed her brows slightly…