Chapter 1754 - Extra Episode We Have A Daughter

Chapter 1754: Extra Episode We Have A Daughter

Her consciousness was starting to float out of her body.

She rarely had this feeling where she lost control of her body.

She didn’t know if other young men liked to bite people. But, he liked to bite her. Also, he wouldn’t make her feel uncomfortable.

Instead, even her blood felt as though it had found its calling.

Lou Luo had nowhere to place her hands. She could only grab the cushion of the sofa.

You could see how hard it was for her to endure the numbness. Her emotions were seeping out from the corners of her eyes.

The sweetness in his mouth caused his eyes to turn a little red. However, when he saw that the person in his arms was her, he still bore with it. He just pulled her thin waist closer to him and laughed softly in a hoarse voice. “I said that you will like it.”

Lou Luo rarely did something so ridiculous.

From the sofa to the bathroom, and then to the bed. From the start to the end, the faint fragrance of roses swirled around her nose. She even felt as if she wasn’t in her house. She had the illusion that she was in an ancient castle.

After everything ended, he didn’t leave her. He was good at taking care of people.

Indeed, it looked as though it wasn’t his first time.

Lou Luo made mental preparations. She also knew that this wasn’t her first time, but she had forgotten who she gave her first time to.

Because of her absent-mindedness, he raised her waist once again and said in a low voice, “Why don’t we have another child? It will be able to help you recover your memory. But, this time, the child might take after me.”

“A child?” Lou Luo hadn’t regained her consciousness entirely. Numbness could still be felt at her fingertips. Another child?

Bo Yin nodded. Then, he kissed her on her neck again.

It was Autumn so the weather outside was a little cold, but in the house, it didn’t feel cold at all.

Even if the two of them were sharing a blanket.

Lou Luo was a smart person and she studied economics. Hence, after regaining her consciousness, the first sentence she said was, “I had a child with you? Where?”

Based on their age, that child should be quite young.

Lou Luo liked children even if many people told her to be careful of this person she was raising.

But, at this moment, Lou Luo loosened a little. She even believed what he said.

Bo Yin lowered his gaze and hugged the person through the blanket. “When you remembered everything, I will bring you to meet her.”

Lou Luo was already very sleepy. But, she didn’t close her eyes. “You promise that you’re not lying, right?”

“Of course.” Bo Yin kissed the corner of her eyes.

Lou Luo couldn’t bear to end this topic. “Is it a boy or a girl?”

“A girl.” Bo Yin’s voice was very deep. “She’s very good at dealing with male and female relationships.”

Lou Luo was wondering if she had a generation gap with him. “A girl that’s good at dealing with male and female relationships?”

“Yes.” Bo Yin described his Lord Jiu more when he talked about her. “Many ladies like her. If they see you, they might call you mother-in-law.”

Mother-in-law? Lou Luo wanted to laugh. What were they thinking?

Bo Yin knew that she needed time to understand some things.

She might not be able to accept some things, but Lou Luo was still Lou Luo. She just smiled and continued, “Even ladies like her. She must have a charismatic personality.”

“Indeed, she’s very likable.” Bo Yin looked at her. “You believe me?”

Lou Luo smiled gently. Her aura as a businesswoman was still present. “It’s good to have a daughter. I like daughters. I will buy a beautiful princess dress for her when I meet her.”

Bo Yin smiled. He placed his head on her shoulder.

Lou Luo didn’t understand. “Why are you laughing?”

“I’m not.” Bo Yin sounded nonchalant. “You had this plan in the past too.”