Chapter 1755 - Extra Episode It Will Be Fine Once I Remember Everything

Chapter 1755: Extra Episode It Will Be Fine Once I Remember Everything

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When Lou Luo heard what he said, she knew that things weren’t so simple. “In the end?”

“You will know once you see her.” Bo Jiu laughed softly. “Our Lord Jiu specially practiced so that she can appear ladylike in front of you.”

Lou Luo didn’t know why but she wanted to hear more of it. “Our Lord Jiu? She’s called Jiu?”

“Bo Jiu.” Bo Yin lowered his tone. If you listened to his voice carefully, you could hear other emotions in it. “When you chose this name for her, you said that you hope your relationship with Mr. Bo will be ‘chang chang jiu jiu’ (an idiom in Chinese which means long and forever).”

Lou Luo was so tired she leaned on his body. “I don’t remember it.”

“It’s alright.” Bo Yin’s voice was pleasant as always. “I will just remember it.”

Lou Luo’s heart skipped a beat. To herself from getting too affected, she continued the topic a moment ago. “I want to see her.”

“I will bring you to meet her.” Bo Yin lifted his hand and put her hair behind her ear. “But, you might get a shock. Before you go, you must make some preparations.”

Lou Luo didn’t ask him what kind of preparations she needed to make.

Lou Luo smiled gently. “There are very few things that can shock me.”

“Wait for some time.” Bo Yin combed her hair. “She has a competition to attend.”

In Lou Luo’s imagination, the competition probably meant some primary school basketball competition.

However, this didn’t affect Lou Luo’s anticipation to meet her daughter.

She really believed what Bo Yin said.

Many people said that she had never gotten married before. But, similarly, no one was able to explain what happened during the years she spent overseas. She had forgotten everything.

Sometimes, Lou Luo even felt that she wasn’t her age.

Her friends said that three years had passed but there were no changes to her face. They even asked her where she bought her skincare products.

Lou Luo didn’t use any specific brand.

She had an illusion. She felt that her age stopped at 31 years old. But, to most people, 31 years old wasn’t young.

How old was he?

Lou Luo couldn’t tell, but he was definitely younger than her.

The last time she saw him wearing a black T-shirt, she knew it.

However, all these weren’t important. Even if what he said wasn’t true, she felt happy too.

This was probably the feeling of raising someone.

When you had an intimate relationship with this person, things started becoming tricky.

This trickiness became worse when they woke up the next morning.

After work, some friends suggested having a small gathering.

Lou Luo was an efficient person. At 3 pm, she went from her office to a cafe near the building.

The portrayal of successful females in dramas didn’t fit reality sometimes.

All ladies would talk about love and family. Normally, people would think that a lady drinking coffee and eating dessert at a cafe had a rich husband and she probably loved shopping.

That wasn’t the case.

No matter the cultivation of a lady’s aura, there would always be a moment of laziness in the afternoon.

The ladies sitting here were all successful in their fields.

One of them was preparing for her divorce.

At first, she was sharing her story enthusiastically, but when she saw Lou Luo entering, her gaze landed on her neck and she paused for a moment. Then, she smiled. “What’s going on? Didn’t you say that you won’t touch that little puppy you brought home?”

“It’s hard to imagine that Boss Lou will lose control too.”

When Lou Luo was in the office, she would still button all her buttons on her shirt.

Now, in this place, she wouldn’t remain too prim. But, she didn’t expect there to be a noticeable spot after she took off her outerwear.

“If I was to say, that little puppy is really lucky.”

“Did he bite you?”

“My dear Boss Lou, tell us. Did you lose control of yourself?”

Lou Luo smiled gently. Her wrist was very fair. When she lifted her teacup, it looked exceptionally slender. “Yes.”