Chapter 1756 - Extra Episode of The Bo Family

Chapter 1756: Extra Episode of The Bo Family

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“Who was the one who said that he couldn’t be raised properly.”

“You couldn’t resist a young man’s body. I understand that.”

“What do you understand? Do you think that Boss Lou is you?”

Her friends would definitely tease her, but they had no harmful intention.

They were all around 30 years old. Many people had the impression that they only knew how to gossip.

That wasn’t the case. They had their elegance and jokes. Sometimes, they would use this moment to relieve some stress. They would also exchange their resources. They wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

“The price to pay for marriage is too great.” One of the ladies placed her hand on the chair handle. She gave off a casual and beautiful aura. “It’s better to raise someone that can make you happy.”

“Look at what she’s saying. Did your family urge you to get married again?”

“My family wants me to marry someone with a stable job. But, when a man with a stable job sees my appearance, he will think that I don’t have a proper job. He will think I’m someone’s mistress.”

Lou Luo took a piece of tissue and helped the lady to wipe the corner of her mouth.

The person smiled and leaned on Lou Luo’s shoulder. “I’m a fortune-teller. How is that not a proper job? As expected, no one is better than Boss Lou.”

“Don’t lean too close to Boss Lou. She’s someone who has a little puppy.” Another person smiled and took off her glasses. “You’re a fortune teller. Imagine you setting up a space below the pedestrian bridge and looking at people’s fortune. Honestly, that really sounds ambiguous.”

The lady yawned. “When I’m working, you are sleeping. Is it my fault?”

“The more you speak, the more it feels like you work in a club.” The other lady replied, “Come, help our Boss Lou to see what kind of fate she has with her little puppy.”

The lady straightened up her back and smiled. “I can’t see Boss Lou’s fate. But, truthfully, I’m very interested in her little puppy.”

“You look like you want to be a mistress.”

The lady smiled, “I do want to be a mistress. I want to snatch Boss Lou. When the little puppy wasn’t around, Boss Lou doted on me so much. Now, I feel my position is getting threatened.”

“I still dote on you.” Lou Luo laughed. Her aura was exceptional.

When friends joked with one another, they would always bring out the real topic slowly.

“Do you feel that he’s trustworthy?”

Lou Luo put down her teacup. Her aura didn’t change. “Let’s just take one step at a time. Why are you so nervous?”

“Nothing. I used to like someone younger than me. You don’t understand. When he loved me, he really loved me. When he didn’t love me, he didn’t dare to tell me and cheated on me. The most awkward thing was, I’d seen his new love before when I was in training. The young lady sobbed and wept in front of me. She told me that she didn’t do it on purpose. So many of my students were looking at me. It doesn’t matter if he cheated on me. However, the entire company knew that I was cheated on. How am I supposed to control them in the future?”

The other lady laughed uncontrollably.

The person who spoke just now kept her laptop and glanced at the lady who was laughing. “The fortune-teller who cheats people of their money, have you finished laughing?”

“Didn’t you take a bat and beat the man until you almost broke his leg? Are you still angry?”

“This was what made me extremely angry. I’m such a cultured person but he had to force me to use brute force.”

“That’s because he felt that you aren’t relying on him enough. He couldn’t find any vanity from you so he wanted to play with younger ladies. But, you caught his weakness and wanted to break up with him. It was reasonable that he wanted you to stay. I heard that even his father appeared. Boss Ran, you’re amazing. The chairman of the board held a banquet because of your boyfriend.”