Chapter 1757 - My Male Idol Big Spade Is In The Competition Too

Chapter 1757: My Male Idol Big Spade Is In The Competition Too

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“Stop talking about it. My head hurts.” The lady called Boss Ran shifted her gaze over. “I just want Boss Lou to know that finding someone younger might be troublesome sometimes. If you get tired of the pure and new feeling, it’s still fine. Look at me. What happens if your little boyfriend wants to patch up with you. Who doesn’t want to accompany someone like Lou Luo forever?”

“That is true. However, Boss Lou’s little puppy acts abnormally. I have never seen a young man not revealing his materialistic side even after two months.”

“That’s true.”

“That’s how smart he is. He won’t cause unhappiness to his sugar mommy and Lou Luo will put down her guard.”

Lou Luo smiled again. “Indeed, he allowed me to put down my guard. He said that we had a child.”

“A child?!”

The other three ladies at the table all stared at her with their eyes wide open.

Lou Luo placed an ice cube into her teacup.”You don’t believe it, right?”

“This lie is quite big.” The fortune-teller straightened her back. “I can’t handle it.”

Lou Luo lowered her gaze. She really looked like a businesswoman. “That’s why I wanted him to let me take a look at her.”

“You… really want a child, right?” Boss Ran placed her hand on her chin. “The last time, I saw you stopping when you walked past a toddler shop.”

Lou Luo nodded. She didn’t hide her emotions. “The accessories they made for toddlers are really not bad, especially that little keyboard. Somehow, I feel that if I really have a child, she will love it if I give it to her as a present.”

Boss Ran shook her head. “Give a little child a little keyboard?”

Only Lou Luo was able to think of this.

However, even Lou Luo didn’t know why. She didn’t know why she stopped when she saw the little keyboard. She just stood there and stared at it for a long time while carrying her bag.

She even missed a meeting because of this.

“That little puppy’s level is really high.” The fortune-teller shook her head. Lou Luo regained her senses.

Lou Luo’s fingers slid across the rim of the cup. “He said that our child is having a competition in Milan soon.”

“A competition?” The fortune-teller flicked her hair. “What a coincidence. My male idol is going to Milan to take part in a National League soon.”

Lou Luo glanced at her. “Your male idol?”

“My Big Spade! My Big Spade is so handsome. It’s impossible for Big Spade to get any more handsome!” The fortune-teller revealed her fangirl side entirely. “Especially when doing frog jumps, the hair was curled up with an evil smile on the face. At that time, I understand why you love someone younger than you. Big Spade is so handsome it makes my heart pound furiously. I’m an older sister fan. I’m completely into this person!”

Lou Luo didn’t play games. She didn’t know the gaming industry so naturally, she didn’t understand what the fortune-teller was saying. But, it was rare to see her friend so excited. Thus, she smiled and asked, “National League? Basketball or tennis?”

“Neither! It’s esports!” The fortune-teller felt that she couldn’t explain it clearly so she took out a phone and started explaining to Lou Luo. She also took this chance to introduce her ‘male idol’ to Lou Luo!

The person beside her stopped her. “Let’s go back to the main topic. We are trying to see if the child the little puppy mentioned really exists.”

“You should go and take a look.” The lady wearing gold-rimmed glasses crossed her legs. “Go and see what tricks the little puppy is playing.”

Lou Luo didn’t reply to her immediately. A message had appeared on her private number.

The screen lit up and an unread message appeared.

Very soon, another message was sent too.

“Where are you?”

“The wind is really strong today. Do you need me to fetch you home?”