Chapter 1758 - Mr. Bo Came To Fetch Someone

Chapter 1758: Mr. Bo Came To Fetch Someone

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Women were all smart.

At this moment, Lou Luo’s personal number rang, and it was definitely not work-related.

“Your little puppy?”

Lou Luo nodded. She tapped the edge of her phone twice with her fingers. Then, she replied, ‘I’m not at the office. I’m with my friends. Do you mind getting sized up by other people?”

The next second, the person replied. ‘I don’t mind. I feel honored.’

Lou Luo smiled when she saw this. Her friends were right. Her little puppy’s level was really high.

But, if she was hiring people. Who wouldn’t like someone who made other people feel comfortable with his words?

Lou Luo even felt that there was a lack of such talents in the market. So if she met one, she would definitely bring the person into her company.

“Boss Lou actually smiled.” The fortune-teller was still teasing Lou Luo. “The power of love is indeed strong.”

‘What did he say? Is he asking for your attention again? They are always like this at the start. However, yours lasted quite long.”

Lou Luo sent Bo Qin the address and kept her phone. She looked at her friends and said, “He’s coming to fetch me. You can see him later.”

The four of them met two years ago coincidentally.

No matter how her love life was, if she brought the man to see them, it meant that she acknowledged the man.

“No problem. Let’s see what kind of little puppy hooked our Boss Lou’s spirit away.”

Lou Luo smiled gently. “I want your opinions.”

“I know that my Boss Lou hasn’t abandoned me.” The fortune-teller leaned over and placed her head on Lou Luo’s shoulder. She clenched her fist forcefully and continued, “Don’t worry. I will give you good opinions!”

Lou Luo glanced at her and replied nonchalantly, “He learns C programming. He probably just graduated.”

The people at the scene all understood.

In the past, when they made friends, they would find someone they would meet often in their lives. Hence, even if there was a difference in their financial situation, it wasn’t huge.

But, Lou Luo’s current boyfriend was different from anyone they had met in the past. After all, not many men liked to stay at home and wait for the lady to be back.

They heard Lou Luo answering a few calls from the young man before. He gave them an obedient impression.

Also, Lou Luo said that he learned C programming. He was probably an IT man with glasses.

They weren’t the only ladies who thought this way.

Even the young lady who was walking over thought this way.

She was holding the arm of a man. He was quite handsome, but the man’s gaze was fixed on Lou Luo.

This was why the young lady smiled and said, “I didn’t expect to meet Sister Lou and Sister Ran here. Sister Ran, I heard you saying that Sister Lou has a new boyfriend who studies C programming.”

The young lady furrowed her brows slightly. “That is a little unsuitable for Sister Lou. Most of the students who study this in my school don’t have any good prospects.”

Lou Luo opened her mouth while holding the cup of tea in her hand. “As long as I think that it’s suitable, everything is fine.”

“The main issue isn’t whether he’s suitable for you or not.” The young lady turned and glanced at the man when she was speaking. She noticed that his gaze was still on Lou Luo. “Even if you want to find a new boyfriend to heal your wound, you should be more serious. After all, Sister Lou, you have already reached this age.”

“Wound? Who’s wounded?” This was Lou Luo’s aura.

Even when she was sitting down, she still had the poise of a high officer in the business world. She wouldn’t get affected by other people at all.

She seemed to be telling the young lady that she was thinking too highly of herself.

In front of me, you are nothing.

Very few ladies gave this feeling, but Lou Luo wasn’t just any other lady. She was someone who made other people curious.

After all, she was able to build the company to this state within a few years.

It was extremely rare.

Now, she just raised her eyebrows. However, it was enough to make the man realize that he had never walked into her heart.

Even his aura was a level lower in front of her.

Honestly, if this kind of lady wasn’t conquered, the man would feel defeated. He would feel that his dignity was trashed.

“You didn’t change at all.” The man felt humiliated so his words turned sharp. “She was just giving you suggestions.”

The young lady grabbed this opportunity and consoled the man softly, “Don’t be angry.” She turned and looked at Lou Luo after that. “Sometimes, I really don’t understand you, Sister Lou. Why didn’t you treasure this good man? Why must you raise a pretty boy? It seems like anyone who gets old will start to like someone younger. I hope that Sister Lou doesn’t learn from your friend and get cheated of your money and body.”

When Ran Qing heard this, she wanted to find a bat.

Lou Luo was very calm. “When we look for boyfriends, we will choose younger ones, just like the person beside you. It’s very normal.”

The young lady’s face turned black immediately when she heard this. “What do you mean? Are you comparing me with the person you are raising?”

If someone wasn’t coming soon.

Lou Luo wouldn’t have bothered answering the young lady.

From her point of view, this process was boring.

Yet, some people viewed it with high importance and felt that other people felt the same way too.

Besides her friends, the other people in the cafe had the same expression. They were all waiting for a good show.

Things would start spreading.

If she didn’t continue the conversation, other people would say that she still had feelings for the man, even though she knew that she didn’t have any.

If she answered the lady, they would say that she overestimated herself when she fought with the younger lady.

It was quite funny.

What was she fighting for? She wasn’t interested in any of this. She wasn’t even interested in the young lady in front of her.

This was probably due to their age difference.

The difference in terms of their mental age.

No matter what the issue was, if she couldn’t find an explanation, she would kick up a huge fuss so that everyone knew about the matter. To other people, she might seem brave and was fighting for what she wanted.

The louder the person was, the more righteous she was. When would this preconception change?

Some people even felt that those who liked to kick up a fuss were not bad and were quite interesting.

Lou Luo glanced at the people tapping their toes on the ground and looking at them. She noticed that they were taking photos. She knew that some people liked gossiping and even used their subjective consciousness to judge the gossip he was spreading.

She turned back. Her voice remained calm. “You’re thinking too much.”

“You don’t have to compare with me.” The young lady sniggered. “I was the one who got chosen by him. This is the truth.”

Lou Luo felt that she was indeed getting old. She couldn’t communicate with this person. She put down her teacup and said, “No one wants to compare with you. Do you know that because of our conversation today, some people might say that we had a huge fight over a man? Is this the truth? The truth is, I’m protecting my boyfriend. He’s young but that doesn’t mean that he’s a pretty boy. To me, he’s more than ten times better than the man beside you…”

The second Lou Luo said this sentence, a voice was heard from the other direction.