Chapter 1759 - Untitled

Chapter 1759: Untitled

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“I’m very happy to hear you complimenting me.”

The voice was deep and charismatic.

The instant it appeared, it captured everyone’s attention. Anyone who turned back would feel astounded.

The man was wearing a black jacket. His pants reached his ankle, revealing his fair skin underneath. For some reason, he gave off a mysterious and sexy feeling.

Words couldn’t describe how exquisite and handsome his face was. He was tall, but he didn’t look weak. Instead, he gave off a dark aura.

As he moved closer to them, the aura became more obvious.

At this moment, Lou Luo’s friends only had one reaction. This wasn’t a little puppy. This was a wolf.

He didn’t look like someone who would act soft and cute.

This person was young, but he gave the feeling that he understood everything that was happening.

Especially when his gaze landed on the young lady, this feeling became even more obvious. He lifted the corners of his lips and smiled. Then, he walked to Lou Luo’s side.

“It’s really cold outside. I bought a scarf for all your friends.” Bo Yin raised his hand as he spoke.

The scarf brand was really famous.

It wasn’t something normal people could afford.

The man beside the young lady opened his mouth, “Using Lou Luo’s money to buy gifts for her friends. You are really interesting.”

Bo Yin glanced sideways at him. He gave a small smile and replied, “This is our conjugal property. We are not so specific about our earnings.”

The contempt on the man’s face became even more obvious. “You are really shameless.”

“Not everyone can rely on a woman.” When Bo Yin said this, he twirled the black ring on his pinky. “For instance, Mr. Zhang, you are probably busy balancing your accounts recently.”

The man froze within a split second. How did this person know about his matters?

Before he could question him in anger, the phone in his hand rang.

His father was calling him. He didn’t dare to ignore it.

“Is there a man with a mole under his eyes standing in front of you?”

Mr. Zhang answered, “Yes.”

His father lowered his voice and continued, “Why did you have to provoke him? Do you know who he is!”

Mr. Zhang wanted to reply, but his father interrupted him before he could and said, “You just need to know that he’s highly respectable. Bow down to him a little and come back.”

Mr. Zhang didn’t dare to raise his queries anymore.

Even his father was afraid of this person. He didn’t know what he should think about it. But, this man was obviously Lou Luo’s little boyfriend and she was raising him!

“Dad, did you make a mistake?”

His father just replied with one sentence, “I asked you to come back!”

Mr. Zhang relied on his family so he had to listen to his father.

He raised his head and wanted to say something. However, the person in front of him said, “It looks like you received a call from your father.”

Mr. Zhang’s expression wasn’t indescribable anymore. He looked fearful.

This person was…

The young lady still wanted to continue speaking, but Mr. Zhang pulled her back and left in a flurry. It felt as though there were monsters chasing them.

The other people didn’t know what happened. They could only see the little puppy Lou Luo raised speaking to the man and somehow, the arrogant Mr. Zhang admitted defeat and left hurriedly.

Also, this person wasn’t soft and cute at all. He felt a little mysterious.