Chapter 176 - Pressing Her Under His Body

Chapter 176: Pressing Her Under His Body

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Because of this thought, Qin Mo tightly furrowed his eyebrows. His black eyes seemed to be able to reflect all the light in the room.

Fu Jiu looked more closely since Qin Mo didn’t answer.

But due to her little movement, that man used his strength to single-handedly press her under his body.

He was on top of her. His breath was burning as he grabbed her wrist in his hand.

In the bedroom, the only light present was weakly streaming in from outside. Other than that, it was completely dark, so Qin Mo’s eyes looked even sharper and deeper. He seemed like an alarmed beast emitting out a dangerously beautiful aura while it was hunting…

The two of them were really close, so close that Fu Jiu could see that man’s overly long and black eyelashes…

He looked at her with eyes that seemed like water from a fathomless well. They were so tempting that people could easily fall deep into them.

“One more move, and you’re going out! Now close your eyes and go to sleep!”

His fingers were exerting more strength, and even his voice was full of deep warning.

After that, Fu Jiu’s chest area was pressed down by Qin Mo.

In a split second, that man’s mint tobacco scent snuck into her nose all at once. It was familiar and strange at the same time.

She was shorter than the man by half a head, so her line of sight lined up perfectly with his flawless jawline. She could see his Adam’s apple move up and down as he was talking…

After being pressed in that man’s arms like that, she really couldn’t move anymore.

Luckily, she put a stuffed toy on the bed, so there was at least a short distance between them…

Qin Mo only felt that the person he held in his arms was really soft, like soft and smooth cotton candy. The sweetness made people want to squeeze harder and crush the young man… Even though this wasn’t a good thought, Qin Mo couldn’t control his instinctive feelings. Thankfully, the young man was quiet now, and “his” head next to his chest stayed still. Unlike all the people that he had encountered before, the young man was not only good looking, but also smelled nice; therefore Qin Mo somewhat enjoyed that gesture, and he thought that it was actually a nice way to doze off… The sensations and the smell both helped him fall asleep…

It became deeper and deeper into the night, and in those wee hours, the two equally handsome people sleeping together created a very nice view to look at, especially when Fu Jiu’s silver hair created a contrast with Qin Mo’s black hair. The effect was stunning.

If there was a cinematographer, he would record this for sure, and such a scene would attract countless fans on TV!

With the sunrise, Fu Jiu slowly opened her eyes and rubbed her left eye with her hand. A few strands of her silver hair stood up, and she tilted her head and looked at that god. He was still sleeping, and his stunning looks, which could flip all worlds and creatures over, were distinguished and elegant, as if sculpted by God’s hands!

He lay there all quietly, and his long fingers were slightly crossed. They rested elegantly on his chest, and his long, full eyelashes created a shadow on his face. His whole body exhibited a sense of sophistication telling people not to get near.

His lips curled slightly, looking like it was full of indescribable mocking directed towards those who were academic trash.

The more Fu Jiu looked at him, the more she felt that when God was creating all creatures, he must have created this god like his own son. She couldn’t help wanting to poke into that man’s dazzling face, which seduced mankind.

But on the next second, she felt a familiar cramp in her lower belly. Her body woke up, and something flooded out from under that place.

Fu Jiu’s whole body froze for about half of a minute, before she stood up swiftly, running to the bathroom…