Chapter 1760 - Untitled

Chapter 1760: Untitled

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Where did Lou Luo find this person?

Her friends knew that she picked him up on the streets.

When were there high-quality, handsome young men waiting to be picked up on the streets?

These ladies were the hardest to fool in their industry.

If they were still young, they would probably believe that this man was picked up from the streets. But, at their age, they were very logical.

Who on earth was this ‘little puppy’? This was the first thought in their minds.

He bought a scarf for everyone. Some little boyfriends wouldn’t have thought of this at all.

In the past, when they heard Lou Luo telling them about the presence of this ‘little puppy’, they did suspect that he was after Lou Luo’s money.

After all, they had seen too much reality and this was what happened most of the time, but now, they felt uncertain.

It was because of the aura this person had.

He relied on Lou Luo so outrightly, but his aura didn’t get weaker. In this world, there were very few people like this.

Ran Qing didn’t avoid the topic and wanted to ask Lou Luo directly.

But, the fortune-teller behind her suddenly grabbed her. Her pretty and innocent face seemed to have lost its blood. It was extremely pale.

“What happened?” Ran Qing turned back.

The fortune-teller seemed afraid that other people would notice her abnormality. Hence, she just said, “I feel uncomfortable.”

At first, she thought that she wouldn’t be discovered by the other party.

She was unable to see the fate of Boss Lou’s ‘little puppy’. This was too strange.

However, unexpectedly, after she finished her sentence Bo Yin’s gaze landed on her.

His actions seemed casual and nonchalant, but the corner of his eyes gave off a coldness that caused a chill down her back.

The fortune-teller’s body froze. For some reason, she really wanted to ask Director Lou why she wanted to treat this person as a ‘little puppy’.

Normally speaking, a person without a fate was either dead or a demon. But, this person wasn’t dead. His shadow and his Qi was still present.

The fortune-teller couldn’t see through him at all. Hence, she felt even more uncertain. Especially when the other party seemed to know who she was.

Thus, the fortune-teller plucked up her courage. When the other people were still chatting.

She lifted her hand and said, “Boss Lou, take this.”

Lou Luo looked at the fortune-teller’s hands. There was a Buddha pendant there. It was carved out of sanders and there was a faint fragrance.

This was the smell of incense at temples. Looking at the color, one could tell that this Buddha pendant was different from the ones sold on the streets.

“Isn’t this what Boss Shang ordered from you the previous time?” Lou Luo didn’t take it.

The fortune-teller replied, “I will get another one for him again. You need it more.”

Lou Luo raised her eyebrows. “Me? I need a Buddha pendant?”

The other people looked over. They understood the fortune-teller very well.

Normally, she gave people Buddha pendants because there were dirty things around the person. But, what about Lou Luo?

Bo Yin just sat there with an evil smile at the corner of his lips. He looked as though this topic had nothing to do with him, but the fortune-teller felt her head turning numb when she talked about this.

“Erm, you don’t need to be in trouble to use this thing. This is just to keep you safe.”

When she said this, she unconsciously evaded the deep and dark gaze.

Lou Luo was still considering when Bo Yin, who was sitting beside her, stretched his hand out. His hand was as fair as jade and his bones were defined. He took the Buddha pendant and continued smiling as he said, “Your friend is right. This is just to keep you safe.”