Chapter 1761 - You Must Watch My Male Idol's Video

Chapter 1761: You Must Watch My Male Idol’s Video

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The fortune-teller was stunned. She gave Lou Luo the Buddha pendant because she wanted to keep her safe from this ‘little puppy’.

If this person did come from some unknown places, he would know that Lou Luo had something protecting her. But, he wasn’t afraid of this Buddha pendant that went through the opening of light. He even used his hand to take it.

Just when the fortune-teller was starting to suspect if she was thinking too much.

Bo Yin turned his body and helped Lou Luo to wear the pendant around her neck personally.

The ladies exchanged glances with one another and didn’t say anything.

However, when Lou Luo was about to leave, the fortune-teller lowered her voice and whispered, “Be careful of your little puppy. He’s really mysterious.”

Lou Luo understood what she was saying and smiled. She replied, “I understand.”

“You must watch the video of my male idol. I will send it to you later. Since you are going to Milan, you might be able to see her.”

The fortune-teller knew that Lou Luo was smart so there was no need to tell her too much. This was to prevent her from feeling burdened.

Also, when they knew Lou Luo, they knew that she was a logical and composed person who knew how to weigh the pros and cons. Normal people weren’t able to fool her.

Now, the fortune-teller was just worried that the ‘little puppy’ wasn’t a normal person.

They came out of the cafe.

It was already dark outside.

In the northern regions, mists would always appear at night. Mist would appear when you speak too.

But, the man looked as though he couldn’t feel the cold. He was wearing a thin black jacket. His skin was extremely fair. When he turned his head slightly, there was a faint smell of roses. It smelled a little like blood too.

Someone once said, ‘Sometimes, blood would smell fragrant.’

At this moment, the man was giving off a similar smell.

“Did I pass your friends’ test?” Bo Yin lowered his gaze and asked casually.

Lou Luo looked at him. She took off the scarf around her neck and helped to wrap it around his. She twirled it twice around his neck. “Not bad.”

It was rare to find a lady who had a cold and refreshing aura like Lou Luo.

This was her appearance but her aura didn’t change.

In reality, many people said this. ‘No matter how powerful a lady is in her career. They must always know how to be soft in front of their man. A lady who knows how to whine will have a good life.’

But, obviously, Lou Luo was never this kind of lady. She was naturally tall so after she wore her overcoat, the cold aura around her felt like the wind in early Winter.

But, her expression wasn’t cold. There was a faint smile on her face and a tinge of calmness.

In the past, the fortune-teller said that Boss Lou had a good figure and long hair. Her appearance was supposed to be seductive but instead, her aura was like a lotus high up in the peak of a snow mountain. Even her gaze was as calm as water.

Many people commented about her in the business world.

She never actively participated in ladies’ businesses, so naturally, people thought that she was a white lotus.

Lou Luo was only interested in earning money. Her direction was different from the other ladies. But, even she didn’t know that one day, she would find a man younger than her.

Lou Luo didn’t want to get too intimate with him but it had already happened.

If he told her what he wanted, she wouldn’t treat him unfairly. After all, he was younger than her.

“Don’t buy such an expensive scarf in the future with your own money.” Lou Luo looked at his profound eyes. “I don’t really like it. There’s no need to do this either.”