Chapter 1762 - Untitled

Chapter 1762: Untitled

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Bo Yin lifted the corners of his lips and smiled. “I understand, madam.”

The word ‘madam’ caused Lou Luo to look at him. Her finger froze for a moment. “You…”

Before Lou Luo could finish her sentence, Bo Yin stopped her. “Madam, are you going to give up on me?”

Lou Luo knew what he was saying. She pulled her hand back and smiled. “Is this how you use the phrase ‘give up’?”

Bo Yin hooked her slightly messy long hair. “I’m your little puppy, right? You threw your little puppy alone at home the moment you woke up. Isn’t this giving up?”

The man said everything casually but Lou Luo still paused for a moment. “How much did you hear?”

“She asked you to be careful of me.” Bo Yin pulled her hand over and stuffed it into his jacket. “I heard what I should hear.”

Lou Luo glanced at him sideways. “They meant no harm.”

“I understand.” Bo Yin remained composed. “They cared about you. They are good friends.”

Lou Luo smiled. She rubbed his head and replied, “You are more mature than I thought.”

“That’s why you shouldn’t look at the videos of other people’s idol.”Bo Yin gave a small smile. “He won’t be as obedient and cute as me.”

Lou Luo didn’t expect the conversation to move in this direction. She realized that her ‘little puppy’ was possessive too.

“Which part of you is cute?” Lou Luo watched him as he naturally took the side closest to the main road. Under the road lamp, his face looked even more handsome and elegant.

Bo Yin smiled. “I listened to what you said. After you left in the morning, I stayed at home. I didn’t go anywhere.”

“You don’t have to work?” Lou Luo looked at him.

Bo Yin’s tone was lazy. “I have to bring you to see our daughter. I can continue my work after we come back.”

Lou Luo paused for a moment. She stood under the night sky and looked at him. “Do we really have a daughter?”

“Yes.” Bo Yin hugged Lou Luo in his arms. “She loves to fight with me over you and she isn’t as obedient as I am.”

Lou Luo could smell the pleasant smell on the young man’s body. Her thoughts became a bit messy.

What cleared her mind was the bats flying back and forth below the road lamp.

The bats seemed to have followed them for a while.

Bo Yin followed her gaze and looked over. Immediately after that, his eyes turned red for a split second.

The bats seemed to have received an order. They immediately disappeared into the darkness.

Bo Yin retracted his gaze and asked, “What’s wrong?” He still asked even though he knew the answer.

“Nothing. I must be thinking too much.” Lou Luo glanced sideways at him. “I’m hungry. What do you want to eat later?”

Bo Yin didn’t care. “Anything is fine.”

Lou Luo pressed her car keys and opened the car door. “Choose something.”

“You.” He was already holding her hand so he leaned forward and pressed against her. His breath landed on her ear and his slender fingers purposely stroked the mark on her neck. “I want to eat you.”

She did try to resist but this person seemed to have the ability to make people lose control of their minds.

This was probably what they meant by accepting one’s seduction.

That night, Lou Luo experienced the benefits of a young body. But similarly, she had to pay the price by wearing a turtleneck sweater the next day.

Her waist felt a little sore too.

He didn’t seem to like the sun. Thus, Lou Luo didn’t open the curtains.

She kept thinking about the daughter he mentioned. Hence, she started to get more interested in the competition in Milan.

During the lunch break, when she was eating, Lou Luo decided to click the video link the fortune-teller sent her.

It was a video about an esports competition…