Chapter 1763 - This Young Male Idol Is A Little Handsome

Chapter 1763: This Young Male Idol Is A Little Handsome

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What she saw first was an image of the game with rivers and bushes. She also saw some characters she didn’t know.

Lou Luo smiled gently and shook her head. She was about to close the video.

However, at this moment, a shadow suddenly appeared on the screen. The shadow charged towards the top of the screen smoothly.

Lou Luo didn’t watch esports videos normally, but she knew how to see the situation.

The blue side had a huge advantage. They had more players too.

The possibility of the red side winning wasn’t high.

Was this player going to charge forward alone?

Lou Luo raised her eyebrows. She stopped clicking her mouth. Instead, she lifted her coffee cup and watched the video silently.

This was the moment when a hero turned invisible and rushed between its opponents. It moved like a ghost. It killed one of its enemies and then twisted its body to evade the attack from another enemy. After that, it charged forward and received a double-kill and thereafter a triple-kill!

At the same time, the other hero had respawned and arrived.

He led the bunch of small minions behind him and breached the fortress of their opponent.

It was a beautiful victory.

Lou Luo didn’t stop smiling throughout the entire video. However, she still wasn’t interested in the game.

The image changed and the screen was aimed at someone’s face.

There was a mole under the corner of the youngster’s eye. The lips were a crescent and you could tell that this person was happy.

For some reason, Lou Luo stared at the person intently for a moment.

A blurry image appeared in her mind. But, she couldn’t remember what it was clearly.

Lou Luo was stunned for a moment. Then, she started searching for the youngster’s information uncontrollably.

There was both good and bad information about the youngster.

Lou Luo was a businesswoman, so she just glanced through all this information.

Besides a few videos that the youngster appeared in, she didn’t click on any other links.

At first, she just planned to take a look at the video links, but in the end, she couldn’t stop.

When her young female assistant came in, astonishment could be seen on her face. She knew that their Boss Lou never went online to watch any videos or read any forums. But, today, her boss was looking at these things. Not only that, she even asked her a few questions regarding computer games.

The young female assistant felt that she was dreaming. After all, Boss Lou looked so cold and distant most of the time and she didn’t act like a normal lady. This wasn’t a derogatory term. She thought this way because her boss always had a huge presence. She was decisive and firm and she emphasized efficiency. When she wore her professional attire and walked past them, they could feel the wind blowing against their faces. But, she wouldn’t make people feel uncomfortable. She always had a faint smile on her face.

There were some people that you knew were hard to get close to the moment you saw them. But, you wouldn’t dislike them either.

Their Boss Lou was this kind of lady.

The young female assistant couldn’t imagine her boss looking at other things besides reports in the meeting room.

At the start, the young female assistant didn’t dare to move. After an hour passed, she couldn’t control her curiosity and peeked at what her boss was doing when she carried some materials in.

She shouted unintentionally!

Lou Luo raised her head and looked at her.

The young female assistant immediately apologized, “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, Boss Lou.”

“It’s alright.” Lou Luo looked at the hot Americano the young lady was carrying. “Just put the coffee down.”

The young female assistant put the coffee down. Then, she hesitated before asking, “Boss Lou, do you like Spade Z too?”

Lou Luo smiled gently and nodded.

The young female assistant got even more excited, but she didn’t dare to reveal too much of her emotions since it was working hours so she just muttered softly, “I like Spade Z too…”

“Oh?” Lou Luo put down the coffee cup. “That’s good. Can you help me to take a look at this? Why do other people have it but I don’t?”