Chapter 1764 - Family

Chapter 1764: Family

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The young female assistant stuck her head out. “Ah!” she exclaimed. Then, she explained, “This is the sticker gift they gave if you watch the competition in the past!”

“Where can you buy it?” Lou Luo was very straightforward.

The young female assistant explained to her that this wasn’t on sale. It was a gift by the team for their fans. Those that were sold were all fake.

“Boss Lou, you can visit the official website and see if they are giving away pillows. You can try your luck at the lucky draw!”

The young female assistant’s suggestion was quite good.

Lou Luo didn’t feel that she would be able to get the pillow.

She just gave it a try without any expectation, but unexpectedly, she received a pillow.

The young female assistant was so envious she wanted to cry!

Lou Luo was in a good mood.

However, the pillow was quite big so it didn’t match her aura. When she half-hugged it in her hand, it was a little conspicuous.

Thus, it naturally caused a wave of discussion.

“Is Boss Lou really dating?”

“Definitely. Why would she be hugging a pillow if she isn’t?”

“Didn’t I hear that Boss Lou’s boyfriend is younger than her? He does feel like someone who will give a pillow as a present.”

“I think he’s downstairs.”


“Boss Lou’s little puppy! He’s so handsome!” The person who said this sentence was still in a daze.

Lou Luo was still a little surprised when she saw the man appearing here. After all, he never came to her office before.

Even if he did, based on their way of interaction in the past, he would inform her first.

Before she could think about what happened clearly.

The person walked over with a pure black umbrella in his hand.

When the first snow of Winter started floating down, this scene looked like something that only appeared in a manga.

It was just that there were very few people carrying umbrellas now.

This caused that figure to appear even more slender and straight.

“It’s snowing. I came to send you home.”

When she heard this sentence, how could Lou Luo still reprimand him for breaking the rules?

She noticed that he was only wearing a thin jacket so she twirled her scarf around his neck one more time. She didn’t care if other people would gossip about her.

Even though all her subordinates were standing around them.

Bo Yin smiled. It was obvious that he loved this way of proclaiming their relationship.

Many people were watching.

It was understandable since both Bo Yin and Lou Luo were scenery by themselves. In addition, they could gossip about this.

“He’s so handsome.”

“I just hope that Boss Lou won’t be like Boss Ran.”

“If she’s raising someone else’s boyfriend, what’s the use of him being so handsome?”

“That’s right. Which man likes a lady that is older than him? He might have a girlfriend in his university and came to look for a sugar mommy outside.”

Bo Yin’s smile got wider as he stood there. He just shifted his gaze a little.

He heard screams from that direction.

A bunch of vampire bats suddenly appeared from nowhere and circled them. It was indeed frightening.

Lou Luo turned and looked in the direction where the screams came from. Before she could see what was happening clearly.

The man blocked her head with the black umbrella. “What are you hugging?”

“This?” Lou Luo wasn’t interested to look at those people. However, she took notice of the bats, Recently, she had been seeing bats very often and this was the city center. She was thinking about this so when she replied to Bo Yin, she sounded a little absent-minded. “This is a young male idol’s pillow. He’s really likable.”

A young male idol? Likable?

Bo Yin lowered his gaze. There was a sharp glint in his eyes.

He was smiling but his expression caused people to think of the word ‘darkness’. However, when he saw the front of the pillow, the black mist surging in the depth of his eyes disappeared.