Chapter 1765 - Bo Yin's Reaction

Chapter 1765: Bo Yin’s Reaction

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Bo Yin stopped what he was doing and poked the pillow with his slender finger.

Lou Luo noticed that he was acting differently from normal. “What is it?”

“Nothing.” Bo Yin lifted the corners of his lips. “I just feel that this person is not bad.”

Lou Luo smiled. “It’s rare to see you complimenting someone else.”

“I don’t mind complimenting this person.” Bo Yin didn’t stop smiling. He just spoke a little softer as he continued, “After all, ever since this person was young, this person knew how to fight for attention.”

Lou Luo didn’t understand what he was saying. “Huh?”

“Do you like this young male idol because of the mole under her eye, just like me?” Bo Yin leaned closer to her. “If you look carefully, this person looks a little like me.”

Was this a valid explanation?

But, if she looked carefully, the young idol did look like Bo Qin.

The moment Lou Luo’s gaze landed on the pillow.

Bo Yin tilted the black umbrella in his hand a little. He looked as though he was going to kiss her.

Even with the umbrella blocking them, the office workers who walked past them still gasped uncontrollably.

This scene was too beautiful.

Lou Luo froze for a moment. She heard him laughing softly beside her ear. “Just remember that you already have me. Don’t think about other people. I will get jealous.”

This was probably what it felt like when you dated someone younger than you.

The other person would tell you what he felt, but he would hide things from you too.

Just like what her friends said.

He had already seen her friends, but he never thought of introducing his friends to her.

A young lady might not think about this.

If you really wanted to have a long relationship with someone, you would definitely let him enter your life.

Lou Luo understood this but she also understood another thing.

They wouldn’t last long.

Hence, even though she got kissed.

Lou Luo just smiled calmly and raised her hand to rub his head. The businesswoman aura around her was very strong.

Bo Yin raised his eyebrows. Then, he lifted his hand and said, “I will help you carry the pillow.”

“You are holding an umbrella.” Lou Luo really liked this pillow. “My assistant told me that there are other items too but there’s no one selling them. I can only get them if I watch competitions. When we go to Milan and meet our daughter, we can bring her to the competition.”

Bo Yin glanced at her nonchalantly. “I don’t think we will need to bring her there.”

Lou Luo was a little disappointed when she heard this.

She really wanted a child, but his answer seemed to be telling her that the child he was talking about might not exist.

Even though she never believed him entirely, there was still an indescribable feeling in her heart.

After they got into the car, her phone never stopped ringing.

Everyone was asking her about her love relationship.

Lou Luo turned around and twirled his scarf another round around his neck. “Don’t come to my office in the future.”

Bo Yin smiled gently. The viciousness in his eyes was strong but he suppressed it. He just replied, “Alright.”

Under the road lamp, you could faintly see bats flying past.

That night.

Lou Luo’s entire body was sore.

The devilish aura around the person remained the same. However, when she asked him to stop, he didn’t show any intention of stopping.

Even his teeth seemed to be exploring the blood vessels on her neck.

As the feeling of numbness spread throughout her body, her thoughts and mind seemed to have floated away. “Enough.”

He pushed her against the front of the bed. His voice was full of darkness. It was low and hoarse. There was a fragrance of roses. “Not enough.”

“I’m hungry.” Lou Luo’s breathing became unstable. Her black long hair flowed down. She looked beautiful and delicate.

The man kissed her ear and smiled. “Eat me.”

Then, it was a dream they didn’t want to wake up from.