Chapter 1766 - Untitled

Chapter 1766: Untitled

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2 am.

A thick mist had appeared outside the window. Outside the villa, under the road lamp, the bats were still there.

Lou Luo was sleeping soundly on the bed.

She was in such a deep sleep she didn’t notice that the person who hugged her to sleep had already disappeared.

The fragrance of roses was very strong. An iron smell could also be smelled.

One of the bats turned into a child. He kneeled on one leg in front of Bo Yin. “Young lord will be starting her competition on the 10th. She will be holding a fan meeting on the 8th in Milan. We have already added madam into the list.”

Bo Yin nodded to acknowledge what he said. He spat out the blood bag in his mouth.

The child stood up and raised his head. “Lord, why don’t you allow me to turn into young lord when she was a child? That way, you won’t have to explain to madam. Madam doesn’t have her memory anymore. Lord, you can create one for her. After all, no human could accept the fact that they are no longer a human anymore. This is what lord said in the past.”

Bo Yin clutched the black umbrella with his pale and slender fingers. There was no warmth in his eyes currently. He was born this way.

He gave a small evil smile. “We can’t do that to Jiu. She’s our child.”

“What about the memory?” The child puffed up his cheeks. He still didn’t understand.

Bo Yin threw the blood bag casually into the rubbish bin. “That’s even more impossible.”

“Why?” The child had no qualms about killing someone. To them, humans were just food, much less the memory of humans.

Bo Yin’s figure was tall and slender. His black jacket floated in the wind. “Because I’m in her memory. Memories that are created are fake.”

The child understood a little, but he still didn’t understand why his lord would fall in love with a human.

In the past, he said that it was the warmth of her body. But, in order to revive a human. He allowed himself to be awakened.

His reason was definitely not something as simple as warmth.

Bo Yin felt that he didn’t need to explain his relationship to anyone.

Vampires, they were always like this.

He wasn’t just any vampire. He was Bo Yin.

Without his Lord Jiu’s amulet. He might be the only person left in this world again.

Now, she only lost her memory.

A second ago, he was standing under the road lamp. The next moment, he could appear beside the bed.

This was one of the abilities of vampires; teleporting. A vampire like him was willing to hide everything for one person’s sake.

Bo Yin didn’t understand what humans meant by love.

When she picked him up from the streets, he already knew that he didn’t want to let this person go again.

Bo Yin silently laid back on the bed. He lifted his arm and hugged her from the back.

He thought that she was still asleep, but he heard this sentence beside his ear. “Aren’t you cold when you go out so late at night?”

Bo Yin’s fingers stopped moving. He pushed her long hair to the side and smiled. “It’s really cold. When did you notice I’m gone?”

“Just.” Lou Luo looked at him.

Bo Yin hugged the lady and lowered his voice. “I was afraid that you would be hungry so I cooked some noodles for you.”

At first, she thought that he was giving an excuse, but when he carried her to the dining table wrapped in the blanket, there was really a bowl of noodles there. “Braised?”

“You don’t like braised noodles?” Bo Yin placed her on his lap.

“No.” Lou Luo wasn’t used to such intimate actions. “Can you sit opposite me?”

“It’s too cold there.” Bo Yin took the chopsticks and gave it to her. “Have a taste of it.”

Lou Luo smiled gently. “Do you know how to cook other food?”

“Yes.” Bo Yin placed his chin on her shoulder and replied nonchalantly, “I can learn whatever food you want to eat.”

Lou Luo’s heart pounded loudly. She lowered her head and tasted the soup. “There’s no need for that. This is good enough.”